Advanced Access Core Level 3

This advanced level course is for you if you have used Access before to create a simple one to many relational database. By the end of this two-day course, you will be confident in creating a user-friendly and automated database.

Course Overview

What you will learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Create a many to many relationship
  • Create a user friendly form based on a many to many relationship
  • Create a list of choices for keying and viewing information
  • Create a form with tabs on to view lots of information easily
  • Create automated forms to run reports and queries
  • Create a menu system for your database to make it more user friendly
  • Use features like command buttons and macros to automate your forms

Course Timetable

Day 1

Session 1

  • Planning your Database
  • Recap on One to Many Relationship
  • Introduction to Many to Many Relationship
  • Recap on Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Creating a Many to Many Relationship and Query

Session 2

  • Hierarchy of Objects in an Access Database
  • Creating Main and Sub Forms for use with Many to Many Relationships – from both sides

Session 3

  • Combo Boxes
  • Field Properties
  • Combo Boxes using more than one Field
  • Combo Boxes to Find Records
  • Command Buttons to View one Record in a Form

Session 4

  • Creating a Tab Control
  • Adding Pages
  • Changing Page Names
  • Moving Pages
  • Moving and Resizing Tab Controls
  • Changing the Style

Day 2

Session 1

  • Creating Macros for Command Buttons
  • Creating Macros for Forms

Session 2

  • Creating a Report that Selects its Criteria from a Drop Down List
  • Creating a Report that Selects its Criteria from two Text Boxes

Session 3

  • Creating a User Interface
  • Starting your Database at an Opening Screen

Session 4

  • Compact & Repair
  • Data Separation
  • Setting a Password for your Database

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The Small Print

This course will run from 10am to 4:45pm (hot buffet lunch 1pm to 1:45pm) on both days. Please be careful to arrive by 9:45am for registration and refreshments. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals. If you arrive over 30 minutes late you may be asked to leave and attend another day.

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The happy Guarantee

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