The Art of AI Prompt Engineering Half-Day Course

Dive into the world of Prompt Engineering with this interactive half-day course, ideal for those relatively familiar with Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Gemini (formerly known as Bard), and Co-Pilot. This course emphasises exploring the nuances of crafting effective prompts, discussing OpenAI's guidelines, and discovering how prompts yield varied results across different AI models.

Participants will engage in group discussions and share experiences to enrich understanding. Together, you'll uncover the dynamics of simple versus complex prompts, recognise common errors generated by AI due to prompting, and delve into the concept of meta-prompting.

This course is a collaborative journey into the realm of AI, fostering a community of learners who share insights and learn from each other's experiences. If you do not feel confident using Large Language Models or AI and are looking for an introductory course, take a look at our Introduction to AI for Absolute Beginners course.

This course is only available online. Please get in touch to discuss private group options.

Course Overview


  • Standard Price

  • Public Sector Price

  • Charity Price

  • *Per person, excluding VAT

  • Duration

    0.5 day
  • Class size

    12 approx.
  • Location

    Interactive online sessions delivered via Zoom. The link is sent to you after booking.

  • Requirements

    You should already have some experience using Large Language Models (such as ChatGPT, Gemini and Co-Pilot)

Course Overview

Who should attend

This half-day course is designed for individuals with at least some experience using Large Language Models, eager to delve deeper into AI interactions. It will also appeal to AI enthusiasts interested in collaborative learning and knowledge-exchange in prompt engineering with their peers. If you are looking for an introductory course and how to get started with AI, then our Introduction to AI for Absolute Beginners course is more suited to your needs.

What you will learn

This half-day course aims to:

  • Explore OpenAI's insights and guidelines on prompt engineering.
  • Discuss and compare prompt effects across various Large Language models.
  • Understand the breadth of prompt design, from simplicity to complexity.
  • Recognise and analyse AI response errors due to prompts.
  • Delve into meta-prompting techniques for nuanced AI interactions.

Course timetable

1. Exploring OpenAI's Insights on Prompt Engineering

  • Introduction to OpenAI’s approach to prompt crafting.
  • Group discussions on prompt design and its significance in AI interactions.

2. Comparative Analysis of Prompt Effects

  • Group exercises to observe how different prompts influence various AI models.
  • Sharing insights and experiences of prompt responses.

3. Discovering the Art of Prompt Design

  • Exploring the impact of both simple and elaborate prompts.
  • Collaborative exercises to design and evaluate diverse prompts.

4. Understanding Prompt-Induced AI Errors

  • Group discussions on common AI errors and strategies for correction.
  • Case studies illustrating misleading or incorrect AI responses.

5. Delving into Meta-Prompting Techniques

  • Group activities to experiment with meta-prompts in guiding AI responses.
  • Collective brainstorming sessions to refine prompting skills.

Next steps

  • Access to advanced resources and further courses for continuous exploration in AI.
  • Opportunities to join a community for ongoing learning and peer interaction in the field of AI.

Related courses

If you have just started your AI journey and are curious about how it all works, our Introduction to AI for Absolute Beginners course is more suited to your needs. No previous experience with any AI tools is required for this course.

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The Art of AI Prompt Engineering
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The Small Print

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