Train the Trainer Development Programmes

Are you new to training or considering a change of career? Or are you an experienced facilitator, looking to create more engaging sessions?

Happy has been recognised since it was founded in 1987 for having an interactive learning style. In our train the trainer programmes, you will learn how we achieve this through clear techniques and by experiencing this method yourself first-hand.

What course is right for you?

If you have no previous training experience or less than six months of training experience: Start with our Train the IT Trainer Essentials course (if you'd like to train IT courses) or our Train the Trainer Essentials course (if you'd like to train Leadership programmes and Personal Development courses).

If you are an experienced trainer who would like some advice and new ways to deliver great training: Take a look at Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop (held online or in the classroom).

Watch an IT Training Session, with Maureen Egbe


Happy's approach is different to other training providers. For us, training isn’t just about being knowledgeable or conveying complicated information, but about how much you can involve your learners. On all of our Train the Trainer development programmes, you will learn how to deliver training in the same way.

In this short video above, you can watch one of our sessions with Senior Trainer Maureen Egbe to see how this works.