IT Courses

We want you to be more productive at work, and with our IT software courses and learning events we give you the tools to work more efficiently.

All of our programmes are currently being held online through interactive webinars using GoToMeeting. We have created shorter 90-minute sessions as well as converted our classroom sessions into a full-day of online learning. You can see all of our public programmes below, or contact us to arrange bespoke learning sessions.

On average our learners save up to half an hour a day by using the things we’ve taught them. How much time could you and your team save?

How can we help you?

Online Interactive Learning (Webinars)

We offer both 90-minute bitesize sessions and full-day interactive workshops, delivered through GoToMeeting.

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Classroom Courses and Training

Learner-focused classroom courses, available at Happy’s HQ or your workplace.

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Private and Tailored Group Courses 

Our team can create a learning solution to suit your needs and budget.

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Software Rollouts

We can help your people to learn their new software. We manage the whole project, making it stress-free for you and your people.

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1-to-1 Coaching

Looking for something more bespoke? Receive individual coaching from an experienced IT trainer.

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IT Workshops

Arrange a day of IT surgeries to help your team troubleshoot specific problems using their software.

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Trainer Certification

Deliver effective IT courses online or in the classroom with our range of train the trainer programmes.

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Project Management Training

Learn how to make your projects run smoothly with our range of courses, covering the methodologies and the software.

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Have you considered?

The Happy Video Library

Would you and your team like to work faster and smarter in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word? We guarantee you will save at least 15 minutes a day when you subscribe to, and watch, our 2 minute videos.

Subscribe to our service and gain access to 170 videos. We offer discounts if you would like access for your whole organisation.

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The Web Development Apprenticeship Scheme

Bolster your team by taking on one of our web developer apprentices. All will have passed our rigorous selection process and code boot-camp. Our programme is run by expert developers and the training is tailored to your business needs. We are sure they will prove to be an asset to your team. We operate across the country with dedicated training centres in London and Leeds.

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