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Would you and your team like to work faster and smarter in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint?

We guarantee you will save at least 15 minutes a day when you subscribe to, and watch, our 2-minute videos.

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Each one will show you a feature of Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook that you and your team can use straight away to work more effectively.

All videos can be easily integrated with your LMS so you can track your people’s progress using our volume license options.

Watch a sample video below.

How to Use Absolute Cell References in Excel

Why subscribe to the Video Library?

  • Access up to 170 videos
  • Become an MS Office pro and boost your productivity at work
  • Learn fantastic time saving tips and tricks via concise two minute videos
  • Watch our videos on phone, tablet or PC
  • Easily integrates with your own LMS so you can track your people’s progress
  • Discounts available for company-wide licenses

Volume License Options

The Happy Video Library is the perfect solution for organisations to improve productivity across the entire organisation quickly and affordably – as well as helping to embed learning from Happy’s classroom training through 70:20:10.

Access to the videos can be set up as a login to the website using individual email addresses, or our videos can be integrated with your own LMS so you can track your people’s progress. In addition, we offer free internal marketing materials (posters, email templates and business cards) that you can use to raise awareness of the videos within your organisation.

The cost for an individual subscription to is usually £45 per year. However, we can bring the costs down for volume licenses as follows:

Full access (Outlook, Excel, Word or PowerPoint) via email:

  • 5-10 people: £40 per person per year
  • 11-49 people: £35 per person per year
  • 50-99 people: £30 per person per year
  • 100-499 people: £18 per person per year
  • 499+ people: £12.50 per person per year
  • 999+ people: £7.50 per person per year

All prices are excluding VAT.

We equip your people with the tools to work smarter

Whether in Oracle, Microsoft 365, SharePoint or your own bespoke software, we look after the whole process. We can develop your scalable end-user training strategy – stress-free.

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