Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

This is Happy’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Here we outline our company values and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and how we put this at the heart of everything we do. In this policy, we describe what actions we are taking to ensure this is followed by everyone in our organisation.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like clarification on any area listed below.

Last updated: March 2023

Happy’s Core Value: Be inclusive of all and actively put inclusivity at the heart of every decision.

It is everyone's responsibility at Happy to ensure inclusiveness/belonging!

A Poem by a Facilitator at Happy:

Inclusion at Happy is a true measure we employ

Nurturing and celebrating differences

Combining authenticity with real joy

Listening and learning from experiences

Understanding that every voice has an equal need

Speaking and expressing ideas freely 

Intrinsically means that everyone can share the lead

Opportunities dance joyfully with dignity

Needless to say - we all succeed.

That is what inclusion means at Happy

I hope you all agree…?

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Happy will ensure that we adhere to the following:

Happy’s Six Pillars of Diversity and Inclusion



Happy will ensure staff have a good understanding and awareness of Happy’s vision for inclusion and diversity by:

  • Including a copy of Happy’s latest EDI policy in our induction packs for new recruits (including for new associate trainer and facilitators)
  • Detailing staff’s responsibility in making Happy a more inclusive workplace in our do’s and don’ts policy
  • By keeping the policy short, simple and effective
  • Storing the latest version of the policy on Teams thereby making it accessible to all staff (including associates) at all times
  • Regularly involving staff in the development and review of our EDI policy by getting their verbal and written feedback through anonymous surveys and during staff meetings


Happy will equip staff to deliver and develop more inclusive processes and policies by:

  • Identifying areas for development through the collection of staff feedback at staff meetings and through Happy’s anonymous Jamboard
  • Use this feedback to work with an external training provider (INPD) to create and deliver bespoke training for Happy staff on creating a more inclusive workplace
  • Look into getting training and accreditation for our facilitators on EDI training
  • Allow space for staff to make mistakes and share these as learning opportunities
  • Give staff the training they need to challenge discriminatory behaviours in constructive ways (e.g. Having conversations that matter, and how to handle conflict)
  • Ensure all staff have an up to date copy of our policy on Handling conflict
  • Ensure staff know who to report discriminatory behaviours to
  • Ensure staff know what support is available to them should they need support after experiencing discriminatory behaviour/s
  • Ensure staff understand that practicing discriminatory behaviour against staff, clients or associates goes against Happy’s values. If deliberate, this behaviour will result in Happy’s disciplinary policy being evoked.


Happy will empower staff through valuing the contributions of everyone by:

  • Giving staff the opportunity to lead on projects of interest through action groups Current examples include the Sustainability Action Group which are being led by non-senior members of staff
  • Allow non-senior members of staff to lead staff meetings so staff can contribute to the growth of Happy in alignment with their current interests
  • Enabling the sharing of EDI resources by all staff through Happy’s Teams channel
  • Ensuring complete transparency by having the EDI action group post their resources and summaries of their discussions on a public Teams channel for all to access
  • Using staff feedback to guide the actions of the EDI action group and shape Happy’s EDI policy


Happy will embed inclusion and diversity through our values, policies, recruitment and training to build a positive reputation internally and externally as follows:

  • Explore how we can advertise our vacancies to a wider and more diverse group of candidates. The process for future recruitment is currently under discussion through the Recruiting for Happy’s Future Action group.
  • Hire for attitude and train for skill
  • Achieve an Inclusive Employers Standard Inclusion Accreditation
  • Ensure all of our society’s groups are represented in our marketing material and social media posts
  • Creating a culture where people’s individual strengths, communication styles and learning preferences are valued (building teams around individual strengths)


The EDI and 1T1D action groups will be responsible for evaluating our inclusion and diversity progress:

  • Ensuring our EDI policy is reviewed twice yearly and actions implemented (including identifying and organising training)
  • Facilitating discussions with all Happy staff at staff meetings around what an inclusive workplace looks and sounds like, and answering questions like: What are we trying to achieve? What could we do more of? and What do we measure success against?
  • Asking staff: What helps you feel included at Happy? What hinders you feeling included at Happy?
  • Getting feedback from all staff on how effective our policy is, and answering questions like: Does it meet the needs of ALL staff? How well are we doing at implementing our EDI policy? What impact is the implementation of our staff policy having on the wellbeing and development of ALL staff? What do we need to do better?
  • Implementing the feedback from staff by making the required amendments to our EDI policy and carrying out actions


Happy will ensure it is continuously learning and drawing best practice by:

  • Continuing to seek out and work with external experts in this field
  • Working with external companies who can give us objective feedback on how to create a more inclusive workplace
  • All staff will be encouraged to share EDI resources on the EDI Teams channel
  • EDI and 1T1D Action groups will meet twice yearly to share resources and ideas on how we can create a more inclusive workplace (including training opportunities) - both groups will be responsible for carrying out and measuring the impact of any EDI activity carried out

If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You can leave a message on 020 7375 7300 or email us at hello@happy.co.uk.