IT Workshops

With a group who learn at different speeds or have very different roles, it can be a challenge to find one course to meet everyone's needs.

Instead, we can host IT workshops and IT surgeries. These semi-structured days focus on key challenges the learners have prioritised.

What could a day look like?

The day is flexible, helping learners to resolve their key challenges. Here are some examples of how you might use the day:

  • A group class on mail merge in the morning, then 1-to-1 coaching for the rest of the day
  • Floorwalking – Our experts walk around your office, answering questions and working with learners to tackle issues
  • A drop in clinic for staff to pick our brains – and find out how they can perform tasks more efficiently
  • An interactive presentation, giving a brief overview of specific software to a large group.

If your people are about to use some new software for the first time, our IT workshops are a great way to support them. We recommend combining these days with our classroom training and eLearning.

Support your staff while they work

  • Flexible – Rather than trying to find a single course that is suitable for everyone, we work with you.
  • Everybody wins – Learners receive exactly what they need, with minimal disruption.
  • Staff receive on the job training – We will be there as soon as they get stuck.
  • Post-course support – Receive access to our IT Helpline for two years.

How can we help you?

Contact our team to discuss your requirements and availability for your free quotation.

Our happy guarantee

We want all learners to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful and practical skills.

If you or your team are unhappy in any way, get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer extra support free of charge to help your team gain the skills they need. If you prefer, we can give you a full refund - no questions asked.