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Here you can find our free downloads, such as our Happy Cultural Planner and our Habit Tracker, as well as access our free resource, the Online Staff Survey.

The 2024 happy Cultural Planner

The Happy Cultural Planner is your guide to the key holidays for the major cultures and faiths. It has now been published by Happy for 30 years. As well as an indicator of upcoming holidays (including those which may prevent people attending your events), it’s a handy way to plan for the upcoming year.

The Happy Cultural Planner PDF is a hi-res file and you are welcome to download and print your own copies in A2, A3 or A4 size.

Download for free

We can accommodate bulk orders of 50 or more copies, which are printed at a professional printing house on 250gsm uncoated A3 paper. The prices are: 50 x A3 = £125+VAT (including delivery); 100 x A3 = £180+VAT (including delivery). For A2 size, there is a minimum quantity of 100, priced at £700 + VAT (including delivery) - they are printed litho. Please contact us directly to order.

What do all of the dates mean?

Read about each of the 2024 festivals

Free Online Staff Surveys

We believe that people work best when they feel good about themselves and we want to help you find out how your staff feel.

Your staff can take the survey for free — contact Happy's team and we will compile the answers for you.

Our aim is to send you a spreadsheet with full analysis of the results, including some benchmarking, within three working days.

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Happy Habit Tracker

We have developed this habit tracker for our leadership programmes, as a way for people to set and track their intentions inbetween each session. 

List the habits on the left and then track them through the month.

This is a great way to keep track of any habits you'd like to cultivate through the month - or anything you want to avoid doing. For example, you could use it to track days you practiced a new skill, exercise or taking a walk outside, had 8 hours of sleep, or didn't drink alcohol. It's up to you!

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