OneDrive in Depth Live Online Learning Course

Microsoft OneDrive is your individual storage space in Office 365. In this half-day online course, you will get to grips with the basics of using OneDrive. You will look at what the Cloud means for the way you work, and will learn how to access the Portal and all the 365 tools from multiple devices for more flexible working.

If you are new to the concept of working in the Cloud, and need to get familiar with Office 365 and OneDrive, then this is the course for you.

This course is only available for private bookings, either for groups or as a one-to-one, held online via Zoom or in the classroom. Please get in touch for availability.

Course Overview

We are currently only able to offer online sessions for private bookings. Please get in touch for more information, pricing and availability.

What you will learn

Please note that we will be using Office 365 for Business, rather than the standard Home version of Office.

This course will be taught online over two 90-minute sessions. It will highlight the Office 365 Portal and will give you some background on all the Apps available (although this session focuses on OneDrive). 

You will look at what the Cloud means for the way you work and how to access the Portal and the 365 tools from multiple devices for more flexible working.

Within OneDrive, you will take an indepth look at Sharing documents, so you can control who has access to your documents and what permissions they have. It also covers synchronising files, which can be a much easier and more flexible way to work with OneDrive.

Course timetable

Introduction to Office 365 and the Cloud 

  • What is the Cloud? 
  • Accessing the Portal
  • Understanding the tools available
  • Accessing the Portal on multiple devices
  • Downloading Office software (if your organisation allows it)
  • Office 365: What’s new?

Office Apps online

  • Create and save a Word document
  • Edit in Word Online
  • Switch to Word Desktop App 

Using OneDrive

  • Create or upload a document 
  • Access documents from multiple devices

Share a document with your team

  • Using the Share options
  • Share a read-only link
  • Share a link that allows editing
  • Collaborate on the document using Office Online 

If there's time...

  • Use Manage Access to see who has links to your document and to change access permissions 
  • Sharing with people outside of your organisation (if policy allows) 
  • Working with files Offline 
  • Sync your OneDrive for an offline copy 
  • Make files available offline
  • Files on Demand
  • Addressing Sync issues 

Please note that we will be using Office 365 for Business, rather than the standard Home version of Office.

Group Learning Events

If you have three or more learners, a private group course could be cheaper.

We can tailor the content to your team, and host the training remotely, at your workplace or here at Happy's HQ in Aldgate, Central London.

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This course is only available as a one-to-one or private group booking.

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The Small Print

The course will run remotely for a half-day consisting of two 90-minute live online sessions with independent work in between. 

You will need to ensure you have the relevant software installed prior to starting your course, or you may not be able to join the event. In this case you may need to attend on another date and may be subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

All learners will need to install Zoom on their machines. Full technical requirements are on the Zoom website. Your link will be included in your joining instructions once you have booked your place — if you haven't received this email then please contact our team.

Learners should log into the training session 10 minutes before the start time to ensure that they have downloaded and set up Zoom correctly. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals.

Your active participation is expected: everyone will be heard and seen throughout, just as they would be if we were in a room together. To be heard, hear and seen you will need a microphone, speakers and camera – if you have a modern laptop that’s all you will need. Remember, you’ll need a quiet place to call from and a decent internet connection is a must.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.

The happy Guarantee

We want everyone to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, practical skills that they can use straight away when they go back to work.

If you don’t feel that your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, please get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to help you to gain the skills you need, or if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Your post-course support package

  • Included in the price of both online and classroom programmes
  • 2 years of free access to our IT Helpline
  • Unlimited access - call or email our team as often as you need
  • Ask about any content covered on your course

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