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We offer a range of public Live Interactive Learning Online courses from our IT skills, Personal Development and Leadership programmes. These sessions are open to all. We also offer a range of Classroom courses as public dates.

All of our courses are available for private group bookings. Just get in touch for details of our pricing and availability.

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Upcoming Live Online Public IT Courses

Excel Core Level 2

Excel Core Level 2 is our intermediate level course, designed for those with some experience of using Excel and creating basic formulas. You will learn time-saving techniques including Conditional Formatting, range names and formulas such as Average, Min, Max and Count IF. You will also learn how to create a basic Pivot Table to summarise large sets of data quickly and easily.

Join us next online on 19th December.

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Excel Core Level 1

Excel Core Level 1 is perfect if you are new to spreadsheets or are not confident with adding calculations and formula to your spreadsheets. You'll get to grips with all the basics, including creating, opening and saving documents, sorting and filtering your data, and getting Excel to add numbers for you.

Join us next online on 17th January.

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams and Planner

Have you been using Microsoft Teams for a while? Have you tapped into the range of apps that are available to you in order to make collaboration easier? Microsoft Planner is just one of the apps that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams to help with task management. This is much more advantageous than using the Planner app on its own.

Join us to find out how on 30th January.

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Power BI Desktop Fundamentals

This two-day remote learning workshop is an introduction to Power BI Desktop, the Microsoft tool that enables data from various sources to be "mashed together" to create insightful reports. By the end of this course, you will be able to import data, and create and publish your own Power BI reports.

Join us in our next live online course on 27th February.

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Excel Core Level 3

If you use Excel for budgets, timesheets, reports or other data that needs calculating, this course will improve your ability to organise and analyse data. You’ll take functions further and be able to make them more powerful by nesting them. You will also learn ways to represent your data in a visual and readily understandable chart.

Our next online course is on 8th February.

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Excel Core Level 4

By the end of this Level 4 course, you will feel more confident problem-solving in Excel. For example, you will be able to compare lists of data in order to spot similarities and differences, you will be able to 'LOOKUP' data and return the value of a cell in a table/range based on the column and row number using a variety of functions. You will also learn how to solve problems in fewer steps than with traditional formulas using dynamic array functions.

Join us next on 20th February.

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Upcoming Leadership and Personal Development Live Online Public Courses

Using Liberating Structures Online

Liberating Structures is a repertoire of over 30 methods to make your activities fully inclusive and more effective. All have been widely tested and are focused on results. They work in live meetings and they also work for online events.

In this half-day introductory workshop, you will learn about the underlying principles of Liberating Structures and will experience a selection of these methods in an online setting. It’s perfect if you have never used Liberating Structures before and would like to learn more, or if you have used them before and would like to see how they work online.

This next runs online on 14th December.

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Managing for the First Time

Stepping up and becoming a manager requires a new attitude and skill set. Set yourself up to succeed with this two-day introduction training course to help you understand what makes a great manager and the practical steps you can take to make it happen.

Our next online workshop starts on 14th December.

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Happy Workplace Leadership Programme Free Taster Session

Are you motivated to create a great place to work where your team members are fully engaged and driven to provide excellence to their colleagues and customers? Do you want to create a workplace of positive collaboration, where each individual is prepared to innovate to solve the challenges of your organisation, but you aren’t sure how to go about it?

If you aren’t ready to book one of our longer programmes, why not try out this free 90-minute online taster? You will have the opportunity to road-test Happy and learn key lessons from the world’s great workplaces.

This will be held on 17th January.

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Assertiveness for Women

This one-day assertiveness workshop will help you to analyse your current behaviour patterns and situations where you are experiencing difficulty. You will learn and practice skills and techniques of assertive communication. The content of this female-only workshop is identical to our mixed-gender Assertiveness one-day workshop.

Join us next on January 18th.

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Brave Leadership - Free Taster Session

Join us for an inspirational look at female leadership and discover more about our one year transformational programme. Our unique blended package of events is all about uncovering, celebrating, and nurturing your power as a female leader. In this taster session we will be exploring what assertive leadership looks like and what this means from a woman's perspective.

There is no charge for this 60-minute online workshop, delivered face-to-face online via Zoom. All welcome, with no obligation and no hard sales pitch.

Join us on 23rd January.

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Level 3, 5 and 7 Apprenticeships: Free Taster Session

In this free one-hour session, you will learn more about Happy’s Level 3, 5 and 7 apprenticeship programmes.

In addition, you will experience the style and interactive approach of the programme. You will be posed a question then will have an opportunity to explore it further in break out rooms with a smaller group, before coming back to the main session to discuss further.

Our next taster sessions will be held online via Zoom on 25th January and 6th March.

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Introduction to Project Management

Suddenly everything is a project.

And yet very few people are taught the basic project management skills required to stand a chance of success.

This course is Happy’s response to the problem. This event (held as either a one day or a two day) is designed for new project managers or people with projects to manage but no clear planning process. By the end of the workshop, delegates will have a simple-to-use toolkit — and may be even the start of a project plan!

Our next one-day workshop is on 1st February.

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The Happy Workplace Leadership Programme

Would you like to be the type of manager that people want to work for, who enables a highly productive team in a positive and supportive work environment?

In this leadership programme, you will gain personal insight and develop practical leadership and management skills to create a high performing team. You will develop your coaching skills and how to put your people at the heart of what you do.

You will learn through 12 x 2 hour online sessions, held fortnightly. You will also have self-guided assignments to complete through our Happy Leadership Portal on Fuse, with online resources available to access throughout the programme and beyond.

Our next cohort starts on 7th February.

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How to Manage Your Email Inbox

We have created this half-day course to give you a radical new approach to your email that will help you to free up time for the big things you want to achieve. It will also leave you with the technical skills to deal with your emails more efficiently, so you feel in control.

This next runs online on 22nd February.

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Stakeholder Management and Engagement

This one-day online workshop will look at how you can identify your stakeholders; once you know who they are, you can then find out their requirements, manage their expectations and harness their enthusiasm, influence, and expertise to help you deliver successful change.

Join us next on March 5th.

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Brave Leadership: One Year Leadership Development Programme for Women

We are offering a unique blended transformational programme that is all about uncovering, celebrating, and nurturing your power as a female leader. This programme is about unleashing your brilliance, as well as identifying and enabling greatness in others. It will also create, and connect you to, a network of inspirational women.

This programme will consist of the following facilitated sessions across one year.

Our next cohort begins on 5th March.

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Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop

In this practical one-day workshop you’ll gain hands-on experience of Liberating Structures, a field-tested, results-focused repertoire of interaction patterns which include everyone in shaping the future. You will leave equipped with a rich and adaptable toolkit to unleash the creativity and talent of everyone in your team, work group, community, and organisation.

Our next online sessions will be held on 21st March.

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Chairing Meetings

This one-day course will explore the role of the chair in getting the best out of meetings. The day will provide information on carrying through the role of chair and will consider some of the difficulties that can confront 'the person in the chair'. In addition, we will look at how to chair an online meeting.

Our next online sessions will be held on 27th March.

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How can we help you?

For those of us who prefer to learn online, we are still offering our range of Live Online Learning programmes. The content for our online classes are just the same as in the classroom — we make sure that our online sessions are interactive and engaging.

We also offer Live Online Learning or classroom sessions for private groups. These sessions can be held at Happy or at a location of your choice, as long as you have a suitable space. We are also able to tailor the content to your needs.

Whether you'd like online or classroom, public or private, you discuss your requirements in more detail by calling us on 020 7375 7300 or by completing the form below.

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