Happier workplaces are better for people and better for business

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Only 2% of people say they work just to pay the bills, for 90% being happy a work is important. Yet over half of Brits are unhappy at work.

Happy Ltd & Action for Happiness calling for happier workplaces for all.

The evidence is clear: Happy workplaces are the most productive & successful.

Today sees a call for radical change in the way we treat people at work, as Henry Stewart, founder of Happy Ltd, and Action for Happiness launch a new Manifesto for happier workplaces. A happy, fulfilling work environment isn’t just great for staff, it also delivers huge benefits to business in terms of a more motivated workforce, improved productivity and ultimately better long-term financial performance.

“Imagine a workplace where you are energised and motivated by being in control of the work you do”, explains Henry. “Imagine you are trusted and given freedom, with support,  to decide how to achieve results. Imagine you can get the life balance you want. Imagine you are valued according to the work you do, not how many hours you spend at the desk.”

“Wouldn’t you want to work in such a place? Wouldn’t it also enable you to work at your best and be most productive?”

An increasing number of companies are finding that focus on creating a happy workplace is just about the most important thing management can do:

  • A major restaurant chain found the most important factor in growth and profits was how happy staff are (and then changed manager’s bonuses to be based on this)
  • Over 25 years, investing your pension in happy workplaces would get you £230,000, against £100,000 in standard stock market
  • Latest opinion poll shows only 2% work simply to pay the bills. For 90% it is important to be happy at work.
  • Yet over half of British employees say they are unhappy at work.

Book Launch: “The Happy Manifesto: make your organisation a great place to work – now”
Monday 21st November, 6-8pm. Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ

“A wonderful book – a gripping read and so interesting, as well as wise. It is truly inspiring”
Professor Richard Layard.

This campaign is part of a global movement for change. In the US Tony Hsieh (who sold his shoe retailer Zappos to Amazon fro close to a billion dollars) has signed up thousands to his “Delivering Happiness” approach. In Denmark Chief Happiness Officer Alex Kjerulf has influenced many workplaces. In India 80,000 strong HCL shares the philosophy of “Employees first, customers second”.

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Henry Stewart is founder and CEO of training company Happy Ltd. Happy have been rated the best company in the UK for customer service (by Management Today) and one of the best 20 workplaces in the UK for the last five years (Financial Times / Great Place to Work Institute). Henry himself is a popular business speaker and is listed in the guru radar.

Action for Happiness is a movement of people and organisations taking practical action to create a happier society for everyone. Founded by Lord Richard Layard, Anthony Seldon and Geoff Mulgan, it was launched in April 2011 and already has 18,000 members who are taking positive action in their homes, workplaces and communities.

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