Level 7 Senior Leadership Apprenticeship Programme

Would you like to transform your organisation?

Happy has recently launched a Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme, funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. It is the equivalent of a 'Happy MBA'. You must be ready to apply the concepts you learn in your organisation, and be ready to create a workplace based on trust and freedom for your people.

Discover what could be possible when you create a happy workplace

This two-year Level 7 Senior Leaders programme is not about learning a few leadership tips. It is designed for those who want a cultural transformation of their workplace.

  • You need to be at a senior level
  • You must be ready to apply the concepts you learn in your organisation, and be ready to create a workplace based on trust and freedom for your people
  • You must be prepared to spend 20% of your work time on the programme, over the two years, including putting it into practice

The last two years have caused a huge shift in organisational priorities. The pandemic has triggered a re-examination of the meaning of work and the purpose of organisations. Whilst a focus on the bottom line remains critical, the emphasis on people and culture has been shown to be vital in creating more agile, innovative and resilient organisations. Research has shown that those organisations who have a people focused strategy are more productive, creative and profitable.

The course draws upon the principles of The Happy Manifesto. Written by our Chief Happiness Officer, Henry Stewart, this international bestseller formulates what we regard as a fundamental truth — staff perform best when they feel good about themselves.

This is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be brave, positive, open minded and committed to some hard work. This will be rewarded with real tangible results. By creating self-managed teams, you will unlock the strengths, ideas and potential of everyone and help drive the sustainable success of your organisation.

Is this programme for you?

To qualify for the programme you must be a senior leader. This could be a CEO, a Director or a Head of Department. This can be in the commercial world, the public sector, a social enterprise or a charity.

This is a practical programme. You must be in a position where you are able to implement the ideas you learn. If you are expecting to be in such a role in two years time for example, then you should do the programme then, not now.

Contents of the Programme

Spread over two years, the Level 7 programme will include:

  • Monthly face-to-face sessions (either online or in the classroom)
  • Group coaching between each session
  • Creation of groups of five to six to collaborate with, and buddies to keep in regular touch with
  • Use of an online portal with a wide range of resources
  • Keynote speakers that are at the cutting edge of new ways of working

Download the full outline as a PDF

For the full two years, you must dedicate 20% of your work time to this programme. This is an absolute requirement of apprenticeship funding.

This Level 7 programme is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Our Next Available Dates

Our next public programme will start in September 2022, with workshops being held remotely through Zoom. The first session is your induction, where you will meet your facilitator and other learners, with workshops beginning one month later. Please contact our friendly team for more details about enrolment and for the full list of dates for these sessions.

If you would like a private group programme for your organisation, please get in touch with our team to discuss the available options, pricing and availability. These can be held anywhere in the UK, at Happy or at your workplace.

How much does it cost?

The Senior Leaders Programme is tied to the Level 7 Apprenticeship standard.

This programme costs £14,000. For people based in England, it is fully funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

For those paying the Levy (organisations with payrolls over £3 million) those are the only costs, beyond the Levy.

For those not paying the Levy, it is 95% funded by the government, so the extra cost will be £700.

Note: You do not qualify for the funding if you have a prior Level 7 qualification in business or leadership (MA or MBA).

Membership for the Institute of Leadership and Management also has a registration fee of £60 per person.

The level of support I have received from the facilitators and staff at Happy has been second to none. When I have needed feedback on assignments, I have received it quickly and it has always been tailored to my own working environment and my capabilities and opportunities.

I have loved learning at the Happy offices alongside other people and sharing our own experiences and knowledge and was worried when COVID-19 hit and it became a virtual program. The facilitators and staff at Happy have worked hard to ensure there has been little disruption to the delivery of sessions and actually there is much more opportunity for a bit more one to one time which has been great.

The apprenticeship is demanding on your time so all learners AND their employers need to be committed to their development otherwise it can quickly become overwhelming. Having said that, it is completely achievable with the right support, trainers and content and I believe Happy delivers this and more. Good luck!

Kelly McMaster, the Dog's Trust, on the Level 5 Development Programme for Experienced Managers

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Contact us to find out more and sign up for this new Level 7 programme. Our next cohort will start in September 2022 and places are limited.