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In: BlogDate: May 29, 2013By: Henry Stewart

“49% of the UK working population would take a pay cut to have a different manager.”

That was the fact that I started my Radio 4 Four Thought piece with. My proposal, that people should be able to choose their manager, was broadcast last Wednesday at 8.45pm and also on Sunday at 5.45am. I’ve been astonished by how many people were up and heard the re-run early on Sunday morning. You can hear it again here, without having to get up at dawn:

Listen Again: Choose Your Manager

I’ve had lots of response. This has included tales of very bad managers, and promises from people to circulate the link to their own managers. But so far I have not had one person tell me they disagree or that it is a silly idea. Perhaps its an idea whose time has come? The full text is here:

Full transcript: Choose Your Manager

For me, this is part of a wider campaign to create happy workplaces, where people are valued and motivated and can work to their full potential.

And do let me know if you get the chance to try it out. Here’s one example of a company that tried it, to good effect.

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