Let People Choose Their Manager

Imagine one of your most valued members of staff comes to you and says, ‘I love my job. I love the people I work with. I am even happy with what I am being paid. But I can’t stand my manager.’ If the conflict can’t be resolved the most common outcome is that they will leave.

But at Happy …..

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  1. Henry,

    Thank you so much for this advice. Since reading the Happy Manifesto I have used this approach twice. 

    I prefer to promote internally but sometime it is impossible so I have had to recruit a Revenue Manager and an Operations Manager from outside. In both cases all my heads of departments interviewed all the applicants. The rules are that we employee the person they agree on, no matter if I agree or don’t. (it has coursed some painful hours of waiting).

    The result of the new approach is that both new colleagues “hit the floor running” and were able to add value and gain trust, respect and fit into our culture so quickly that people outside our property think that they have been working here for ages.

    We have since extended the approach to the entire “company”. All new colleagues are interview or do work trails before they are employed.


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