Focus on Making Your Staff Happy

People work best when they’re happy at work.

That principle is the core of everything we do at Happy (a training business in London, UK). Think about whether you agree with it. If you do, and I find over 95% of people do, then what should be the key focus of management? By simple logic, it should clearly be creating an environment where people are happy and feel good about themselves.

When I speak at conferences, I like to ask the audience to raise their hands if that is the main focus of management in their organisation. Generally one or two in a hundred raise their hands. (I suspect I’d get a different response if I spoke at Zappos.) Yet there is strong evidence to suggest such a focus makes good business sense.

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1 response to “Focus on Making Your Staff Happy”

  1. Hi Henry,

    I’m reading your Manifesto at the moment and loving it. SHARE’s come a long way since we worked together and we’re a pretty happy organisation – I think we do a lot of the things you talk about – but there’s still a lot to do, and in particular to make sure that we’re not only happy, but also high performing. Recently got IiP bronze, and we’ve refocussed our recruitment so that there’s a bias towards attitude. Transparency and ensuring that everyone has a voice means that we’re weathering the funding squeeze much better than a lot of organisations, because everyone’s part of the solution.

    Hope all’s well with you, and thank you for your inspirational writing.
    Annie x

    ps you might enjoy my novel, “Charity Begins with Murder” – see Amazon Kindle store or for the paperback.

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