Celebrating Mistakes and Cultivating Innovation at happy

One of Happy's core values is to celebrate mistakes. Alongside our values of 'believe the best' and 'trust others', it allows our people to try new things and to be honest about their mistakes.

Find out how celebrating mistakes works in practice below.

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Innovation has been at the heart of Happy since it was created to radically change the way that people learnt about using computers. This focus on innovation and improvement, in both our internal processes and in our products, is reflected in our values.

Happy's culture of celebrating mistakes encourages this innovation, allowing all of our people to strive for continuous improvement without fear of reprisals.

We all make mistakes, and by choosing to see these as a positive, our people do not feel the need to lie or cover them up. It gives our people the confidence to try new things, such as new products or working practices.


What Happens if You Make a Mistake at Happy?

In this short video, Laura explains what happened when she made a mistake at Happy that caused the company to lose a large client.

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Radical Disruptions

When Happy changed its appraisal system to a single page Happy@Happy snapshot form, one of the key changes was to our individual targets and goals. Rather than setting multiple annual targets, our people now identify and set one personal Radical Disruption to work on every four months.

Radical Disruptions are designed as an opportunity for our people to work on a radical new idea to change our way of working or improve something, either at an individual or organisational level. Each individual sets their own goal, and scores themselves from 1-5 when the four months are up. (These scores are purely to spur discussion between each member of staff and their Multiplier and Mentor, or M&M  what we call our people managers.)

Past Radical Disruptions have included creating new programmes and improving personal productivity. Many of our programmes, such as our Level 5 Global Majority Empowerment Programme and our Level 7 programme for Senior Leaders, were created as part of a Radical Disruption goal.

The introduction of Radical Disruptions has been useful for my self-improvement as well as an increased focused approach to achieving important tasks and goals. Being able to focus on one clear goal is really helpful, especially as it is a goal I have committed to.Maureen Egbe, Senior Facilitator

What is a Radical Disruption Goal at Happy And How Is it Set?

In this short video, Rebecca explains what's involved in Happy's new regular snapshot forms, including Radical Disruption goals and how they are set.

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