The Recruitment Process at happy

We know that applying for a new role can be daunting, and that the application and interview process are often stressful.

When you see a job advertised at Happy, how does the process work?

Here's what you should consider before you apply, when writing an application, and when you meet us for an interview.

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What kind of roles do we offer?

Generally, we recruit for account managers to join our teams in leadership and personal development, IT skills and apprenticeships. Due to demand, we also occasionally recruit additional freelance facilitators specialising in IT skills (particularly SharePoint and Office 365), leadership and personal development.

Almost 90% of our IT freelancers have been working with us for over three years, and around half have been with us for more than 10 years.

What should I consider before I apply?

Take a look at the job description, and read this thoroughly. Is this the right role for you? Our recruitment is based on 'recruit for attitude, hire for skill' — we want to make sure you are aligned with Happy's values and that your strengths will make you a good fit.

If you'd like to talk to someone about the role before you apply, you can speak to us through our LiveChat in the bottom right of your screen or give us a call on 020 7375 7300.

We use an application form rather than asking for CVs and cover letters. Do your best to be honest in your application, and tell us what makes you great. Let your personality and your strengths shine through.

Your recruitment process has been absolutely inspirational, and I’ve genuinely upskilled just by going through it. And every single email I’ve received from Happy has been excellent — the kind of thing I would hope will become standard practice.Daljeet (DJ) Singh

How should I prepare for the interview?

First of all, let us know if you need any adjustments, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The first interview is always a group interview, and it is task-based. We always think carefully about what we want for each role, and design activities that assess how well candidates perform in those tasks. It is crucial that we hire people who are great at doing the job that we need them to do, rather than those who can only talk about it.

Make sure you read and prepare any pre-work. For example, you might be asked to bring an object that is meaningful to you and talk about it, or for a facilitator role, to deliver a short training session.

Think about your strengths, skills and relevant experience, and some examples that showcase your skills. It might also help to discuss this with a friend, as they might think of attributes or situations that you haven't thought of.

In my first interview I was asked to do something handwritten. I mentioned to the interviewers that I am severely dyspraxic so really, really struggle with handwriting and was offered extra time to complete the piece of work immediately.Ben

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Who do we look for?

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. It’s great when experience and qualifications contribute to a fantastic attitude. But we know that you don’t have to have either to be the kind of person we want. Some of our most successful people had little or no industry experience prior to joining Happy, including our MD Cathy Busani.

For trainers and facilitators, take a look at the videos below to see how our facilitators deliver great learning experiences.

Senior Facilitator Maureen Egbe delivers an IT training session on Formulas and Functions in Excel.

Senior Facilitator Nicky Stone delivers a session on Communication Styles, part of our leadership and personal development sessions.

What happens if I don't get the job?

It is always disappointing to be rejected from a role you were excited about. We sometimes receive hundreds of applications for roles we advertise, and we can only interview a small percentage of those people. Our applications are reviewed by at least two members of staff against clear criteria.

We always send an email letting you know that you haven't been successful. If you attended an interview with us, we will always give you constructive feedback — everyone gets feedback on why they have got through to the next stage, or why they didn't. If you have not been successful, please do not feel discouraged from applying for future roles with us. 

If you attend a second interview, you will receive further feedback about what you could have done differently, to set you up to succeed in the future.

Happy's recruitment process is the best that I've experienced so far! I felt supported every step of the way and it felt like I was learning and being trained rather than going through a selection process. I even made a few business contacts on the way — so thanks Henry and the Happy team. More organisations should take heed of Happy's innovative recruitment style.Deborah Lawunmi

What happens if I am successful?

If you are successful, we will call you and offer you the role, subject to references and your right to work in the UK.

During your first week at Happy, we will organise your induction plan — giving you the opportunity to attend some of our training courses, shadow members of the company, meet your team, and learn your role. You will also have lunch with Happy's CEO, Henry, and when you complete your probation period, with our Managing Director, Cathy.

All staff members work a full five-day week during their probation period. Once you have successfully completed this, you will be able to arrange working to the four-day week with your team.

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