#TipTuesday: Create a Pivot Table

Learn how to create a Pivot Table in this week’s Happy Computers time saving two-minute video!

Pivot Tables are a fantastic way to easily sort and analyse your data in Excel. It’s a quick way to see the full picture, as well as being a more attractive way to present a lot of data and statistics. In our video above, Nicky will show you how to create a basic Pivot Table and display your data as percentages.

Want to learn more?

Learn how to create and use basic Pivot Tables in our Excel Core Level 2 course, available for Excel 2013/2016 and Excel 2007/2010. If you’re a more advanced user, Pivot Tables are covered in detail with our Maximising Pivot Tables with Excel one day course, which next takes place on 18th January. Contact us for more details or for private group options.

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