Apprenticeships and Development Programmes at Happy

Happy is an approved supplier of Apprenticeship schemes – use your Apprenticeship Levy or government funding to invest in your people

For Web Developers

Train the next generation of web developers with our 18-month programme – Happy does the recruitment, industry-led training and offers ongoing support to enable you to easily employ an Apprentice.

For First-Time Managers

Invest in your first-time managers, team leaders and supervisors with our Level 3 management programme.

For Experienced Managers

Enable your experienced managers and department leaders to create empowered, high-performing teams with our Level 5 programme.

For Change Makers

Learn high-level influencing skills to bring about change in any sector with our Leading Change programme, available at both Level 3 or Level 5.

About our programmes

Happy is an approved supplier of Apprenticeship programmes. All of our Apprenticeship programmes are between 14 and 24 months long, and have been designed to be career-focused. Each programme is assessed through an on-going portfolio of work with an assessment at the end (carried out by an independent examiner). The final assessments may include an online exam, a presentation and an interview at the end of the year.

Apprenticeship schemes are open to people of any age, and they do not have to be new members of staff to be eligible.

If your organisation has a payroll of £3 million a year or more, you will be paying 0.5% of this into the Apprenticeship Levy (from April 2017). Your organisation can then spend that fund on accredited Apprenticeship schemes like ours, to cover 100% of the cost.

Organisations with a payroll of less than £3 million a year can receive funding for 90% of the programmes through the government’s ‘co-investment’ funding.

We can talk you through how it works and how to apply for the funding on enrolment.