Apprenticeships and Long-Term Development Programmes

Invest in your organisation at little or no extra cost through our apprenticeship schemes.

These schemes are all open to your existing staff of any age, or we can help you to recruit and support a new member of the team. All face-to-face sessions are now temporarily taking place remotely via Zoom.

Our Programmes

As an approved apprenticeship provider, all programmes can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy or the government's co-investment scheme.

For Web Developers

Bolster your team by taking on one of our web development apprentices. All have passed our rigorous selection process and code boot-camp. Our programme is run by expert developers and the training is tailored to your business needs.

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For First-Time Managers

Invest in your first-time managers, team leaders and supervisors with our Level 3 management programme. Next public programme starts 29th July.

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For Experienced Managers

Enable your experienced managers and department leaders to create empowered, high-performing teams with our Level 5 programme.

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For Senior Leaders

In February 2021, Happy plans to launch a Level 7 Senior Leaders Programme, funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. It will be the equivalent of a 'Happy MBA'.

This 26-month Level 7 programme will be focused on people. While it will include strategy and finance, the main focus will be exploring the limits of trust and freedom, creating self-managing organisations and putting your people first.

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About our programmes

  • Happy is an approved supplier of apprenticeship programmes
  • Career-focused — each programme is assessed through an on-going portfolio of work with an assessment at the end, carried out by an independent examiner
  • All schemes are open to existing staff of any age — not just for young people
  • We make the process hassle-free — we manage the whole process, including recruitment (if required), training and on-going support 
  • Available at little or no additional cost to your organisation — Each scheme is funded through the Apprenticeship Levy or the government's co-investment scheme.

happy Apprenticeships Complaints and Appeals

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