#TipTuesday: Voting via Email

Learn how to use the voting feature in Microsoft Outlook in this week’s Happy Computers Summer School two minute video!

Creating a poll via email makes it easy for you to find out people’s preferences and make decisions. In Nicky’s video above, you will learn how to create a poll, either with Outlook’s suggested Accept/Reject, or Yes/No/Maybe, or even create your own options. You will then learn how to send your ballot back to the recipient, and view all of the recipient responses.

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2 responses to “#TipTuesday: Voting via Email”

  1. Extremely delighted to learn something new this morning just from a two minute video presentation. Educative video for every new day is a new chapter in my life.

    1. Hi Ritchie

      Thanks for your comment – I’m really glad you found it so useful! 🙂

      Best wishes


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