#TipTuesday: Using Absolute Cell References in Excel

Learn how to use Absolute Cell References in Microsoft Excel in this week’s Happy Computers Tip Tueday time saving two minute video!

Absolute Cell References, or adding in dollar signs ($) to your formulas, are absolutely essential when copying across formulas. It ensures that a formula will always refer to the same cell each time, rather than changing to another cell each time, for example when doing a multiplication that requires a fixed figure (such as VAT or conversion rates).

This tip is guaranteed save you time when working with Excel spreadsheets!

Want to learn more?

Absolute Cell References are covered in our Core Level 1 course, and it’s essential that you are confident with this before you attend our Excel Core Level 2 course.

If you are comfortable with Absolute Cell References following this video, check out our upcoming Excel Core Level 2 course dates below:

If you are a total beginner to Excel and using formulae, the Core Level 1 course will probably more suitable for you. This covers all the basics, including saving and opening a spreadsheet, filtering data, and using basic charts and graphs. View our Excel Core Level 1 dates on our Excel page here.

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