Learnfizz wins Gold for Social Media Learning Product of the Year

Happy’s new online tool Learnfizz won Gold at the 2012 Learning & Performance Institute awards. Learnfizz has been designed to find, organise and share the best free learning on the web. Although still in beta,  the judges felt it had such strong potential that they awarded it the top prize at the annual awards. They explained:

“Happy Computers’ Learnfizz is an innovative application that is aimed at crowd-sourcing learning content within the public domain and making it readily available on a world-wide basis. Contributors are encouraged to develop their own, or highlight, learning content that is freely available and then, in a collaborative environment, it is made available throughout the world in an easily accessible format.

“The programme has the potential to create enormous benefit in both deprived and wealthy communities, and it is an excellent example of the way in which social media technology and collaboration architecture can integrate learning resources in the public domain and make them accessible through an advanced learning portal.”

“I am so delighted with this award”, explained Happy Chief Executive Henry Stewart. “It is a great endorsement for what we believe is a product that can help shape the way people learn in the future. We hope that whether you are a learning professional, an inner-city teacher or a child in Africa this will enable you ton find great learning resourcers – for free.”

Runners-up in the award were BT and the Open University. The Learning & Performance Institute was until last year known as the Institute of IT Training.

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