Great work by our young Drupal apprenticeships

For the last twelve months Happy Computers has been running a Drupal apprenticeship programme, in partnership with the Drupal community, to enable young people (fresh out of school) to get an exciting start in the world of programming. (Drupal is an open source web development framework.)

Three of the youngsters have been working at Dennis Publishing and, after just four months there, have produced a very impressive site for the magazine Digital SLR Photography.

DLR Drupal

Digitasl DLR Photography web site

The apprentices were given total responsibility, to help them build their skills and their confidence. “I was adamant it would be their own product”, explains their manager. “Nobody else would work on it”.

It is a great site and all agree that the young apprentices have done a great job. Do click through, it looks even better in the original.

Comments from their managers include “collaborates well, easy to teach and quick to learn”, “very focused, hard worker”, “good at self-development, detailed orientated, good at spotting design issues”.

Would you like to take a Drupal apprentice?

Are you a Drupal programming house, a company that uses Drupal? Taking an apprentice is low cost (in fact the government provides a subsidy), and we provide the training and support. Not only does it help you to meet your need for new Drupal skills, but it helps get a young person started in the industry.

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