The Happy Workplace Programme

There is a wealth of evidence that shows happy workplaces are more productive, leading to tangible business results.

In our Happy Workplace Programme, you will learn how to put people at the centre of your organisation, and make your workplace great.

Let us show you how your organisation can be a great place to work!

Programme outcomes

Personal attention is given to all attendees and each programme is custom-tailored to you and your organisation’s needs, and depending on what you would like to cover, varies from two to five days in length. However, we aim to cover these main points:

  • Credible leaders and managers that inspire trust
  • An agile and responsive organisation working within clear values and principles
  • Greater trust and autonomy for your people
  • High performing teams working to their strengths and to a common goal
  • A more engaged and motivated team
  • High levels of accountability within the team, enabling them to deliver high quality on time
  • Greater innovation and greater productivity

Happy’s approach to learning

Happy has an award-winning learner-centered approach, which will:

  • Engage you through a blend of different activities.
  • Challenge you with a focus on practical skills and real outcomes.
  • Involve you in your own learning, and applying it to your current performance.

Each class has no more than 12 people, for a truly engaging experience and so that all trainers can give personal support where needed.

Your place or ours?

Happy can deliver this course either at your premises or you can come to our Happy offices in Alie Street, London (near Aldgate). Click here to see us on Google maps.

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What our learners say

Happy demonstrates how the method for attaining a happy and high achieving workplace is within the grasp of any organisation – provided managers are prepared to be inventive and let go of past certainties.”

Brendan O’Keefe, Managing Director, Epic CIC

These ideas have energised me and my business to make changes that have increased our bottom line and made people more successful and fulfilled at work.”

Simon Perriton, Chief Executive, Just-IT