14-Month Management Development Programme

Invest in your first-time managers with a 14-month programme of training and support, at little or no cost to you through the Government’s new Apprenticeship Levy…

Happy has developed an all-new development programme for first-time and junior managers, based on Happy’s management principles and the Happy Workplace Leadership programme.

There is little or no cost to your organisation thanks to the new Apprenticeship Levy, which can be used for any accredited Apprenticeship scheme, and does not need to be for young people or new staff.

Your first-time managers will learn how to create high-performing, high-trust workplaces, and how to coach their teams to help them perform at their best. Plus, they will learn essential management skills, including project management, finance management, presentation and report writing, and effective time management.

If managers still play a more traditional role in your organisation, based on command and control, then this programme is not for you. Instead, this programme is based on ideas of trust and freedom, of creating empowerment and innovation – and seeing the role of the manager to coach your people to be their best.

Our next available dates

Our November programme is now full! Please contact us to express your interest and to be added to our waiting list for our 2019 public programmes.

If you would like a private group programme for your organisation, held at Happy or at your workplace, please get in touch with our team to discuss the available options, pricing and availability.

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What are the benefits?

  • No age limit – not just for young people
  • Doesn’t need to be new staff, existing staff can enrol too
  • Give your first-time managers the skills and support they need to succeed in their new role
  • Learn Happy management principles: a high-trust, high-performance and happy workplace, with managers that coach their staff to do their best and celebrate their mistakes
  • Monthly classroom sessions meaning little time away from the office, with direct support online and over the phone
  • An online support group for Apprentices to discuss and share new ideas, give and offer support, and network with others on the scheme
  • Government-funded – little or no cost to your organisation

How much does it cost?

If your organisation has a payroll of £3 million a year or more, your organisation will be paying 0.5% of this into the Apprenticeship Levy (from April 2017). Your organisation can then spend that fund on accredited Apprenticeship schemes like this one.

If your organisation has a payroll of less than £3 million a year, 90% of the programme will be funded through the Skills Funding Agency. This brings the cost of the programme down from £5,000 to just £500 per person.

We can talk you through how it works and how to apply for the scheme on enrolment.

Assessment and qualification

The programme will be assessed through one classroom session per month for a year, with work in between to complete including 20% learning time outside of work. This will be assessed through a portfolio created throughout the year, and a final assessment which may include an online exam, a presentation and an interview at the end of the year.

It will also include a Level 3 Diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Courses for middle and senior managers

We are also developing programmes, again meeting Apprenticeship standards, for experienced managers at Level 5 and for senior managers at Level 7 (degree level). Please get in touch if these could be of interest.