Discover LoMo: Fast, Agile Meetings

If your meetings are taking too much time, achieving too little and draining your team’s energy, you’re not alone. Few meetings achieve the value they could and improving them can be surprisingly difficult.

LoMo is an open source set of meetings and techniques to encourage self-responsibility, speed, clarity and powerful decisions in meetings. LoMo is short for Low-Tech Moments. No PowerPoint, no circular conversations, just top quality thinking, talking and working together. Let’s have meetings become the leaps forward in clarity, action and trust that they deserve to be.

This workshop is currently available online as Face-to-Face Live Online Learning using Zoom for public bookings. We are able to offer classroom sessions for private bookings only — please get in touch for availability.

Course Overview

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  • Duration

    1 day
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  • Requirements

    This workshop has been designed for leaders and managers who want to use their team's time more effectively; project managers who need their team to be more self-responsible and productive; people who are working in an Agile way in a waterfall organisation; consultants and facilitators who are interested in exploring whether LoMo might work for their clients; and anyone who spends too much time in meetings.

Course Overview

What you will learn

This workshop is based on PhD research by Carrie Bedingfield, who has 18+ years of experience redesigning meetings. In this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Unpack why meetings may not serve you now you work more collaboratively in an environment where things are changing all the time
  • Get to grips with some of the psychology of meeting behaviour… and a (brief, interesting!) history of how we got here
  • Explore and experience new formats for meetings that might serve you better in a variety of situations
  • Learn the key principles and what matters in a LoMo – where power lies, how the interaction works and how LoMo allows everyone to put ego aside and work together more effectively
  • Learn collaborative techniques that you could use immediately to improve any meeting
  • Redesign a meeting you’d like to improve and test it live to get immediate feedback
  • Leave ready to implement that make the most difference straightaway

Using what you learn, you can expect to:

  • Reduce current meeting time by 30-50% – Ricoh managers reduced theirs by 75% in the first 6 weeks
  • Improve the quality of meetings dramatically – sharper discussions and outcomes, no ‘going round in circles’
  • Build better relationships and more trust though clearer and less frustrating interactions with colleagues in meetings
  • Get more valuable work done earlier – by feeling pain sooner and not letting ‘the work wait for the big meeting next month’

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop has been specifically designed for:

  • Leaders and managers who want to use their team’s time more effectively
  • Project managers who need their team to be more self responsible, faster and more productive
  • People who are working in an agile way in a waterfall organisation who want to draw in the rest of the business to new ways of working
  • Consultants and facilitators interested in exploring whether LoMo might work for their clients
  • Anyone who spends too much time in meetings

People who are interested in any of these might find LoMo useful as it takes inspiration from all of these approaches:

  • Agile and Lean
  • Holacracy
  • Open space technology and Unconferences
  • Lean start-up
  • Clean communication, radical candour and servant leadership
  • Managing Your Chimp, Steve Peters style
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Discover LoMo: Fast, Agile Meetings
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The Small Print

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