Happy Workplace Online Leadership Programme

Would you like to be the type of manager that people want to work for, who enables a highly productive team in a positive and supportive work environment?

In this four-day live online learning programme over four months, you will gain personal insight and develop practical leadership and management skills to create a high performing team. You will develop your coaching skills and how to put your people at the heart of what you do.

The learning will be through a combination of interactive workshops delivered live through Zoom, self-guided assignments and complete access to the Happy Leadership Portal of online resources throughout and beyond.

Course Overview

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  • Public Sector Price

  • Charity < 15 Staff

  • Charity 16-30 Staff

  • Charity 31+ Staff

  • *per person, excluding VAT
  • Duration

    4 days
  • Class size

    12 approx.

Introduction to the Happy Workplace Leadership Programme

Course Overview

What you will learn

A happy workplace leads to greater productivity and tangible business results. This programme is for anyone with line management and leadership responsibility. It is a unique opportunity to self-reflect, change behaviour and adopt new ways of working. This programme is about placing people at the heart of what you do.

Based upon our own practical experience at Happy and learning from some of the world’s great workplaces (like Google and WL Gore), it will enable you to become a leader that people would choose to be led by. It will give you the personal insight and practical leadership skills to create a high performing team.

Learning via Face to Face Live Online

All Zoom sessions are between 1 and 2 hours long and include a short break. We have scheduled the key learning around four days, each one month apart. On these days you should reserve out 10am to 4:30pm. This will allow you to join 2-3 interactive workshops and have time to reflect and do the assignments. We believe this combination of immersing yourself in the content for a whole day and having one month between each day will create deep learning and will have a lasting impact.

Key outcomes

  • Become a credible leader that inspires trust
  • Understand what enables people to work at their best
  • High performing teams working to their strengths & to a common goal
  • An agile and responsive team working within clear values and principles
  • Greater trust and autonomy for your people
  • High levels of accountability within the team, enabling them to deliver high quality on time
  • A more engaged and motivated team
  • Greater innovation and greater productivity
  • Practical skills that you will be able to transfer to your workplace
  • Raise the level of happiness in your team

Pre-Programme Preparation

  • Complete an online questionnaire to identify your communication style
  • Complete an online self-reflection questionnaire around your confidence to lead, and your leadership style

Day One: All about You as a Leader

Day one is all about you and your leadership style. It is about how to bring out the best in you and others, whilst being authentic. You will be excited about your role as a leader, have the space and opportunity to self-reflect in order to work successfully with your team.

  • The core of an effective culture, why put people at the heart of what you do?
  • Identify who you are as a leader and your leadership attitudes and skills
  • Find a buddy to work with, to support, and to hold to account for actions through the programme 
  • Create Psychological Safety at Work to enable high performance
  • Build trust and credibility within your team and your organisation through a 'to be' list
  • Develop your emotional intelligence, through understanding how your brain works
  • Using your pre-programme preparation, understand your communication style, how to adapt it to work successfully with others
  • Introduce the Happy Workplace planner and online portal to help you build positive habits

eLearning Between Days One and Two

Discover how to be more productive and less 'busy' by identifying and changing your reflection, prioritising, email and meeting habits.

Day Two: Coaching and Valuing Others

Day two of the programme is all about learning and applying the tools you need to help your team feel resilient, empowered and valued. You will achieve this by focusing on understanding and nurturing resilience for yourself and others, understanding the benefits of successful 1 to 1s, practical exercises based around active listening, and coaching your people to success.

  • Effective 1 to 1’s – what are they, why do them, who sets the agenda, what should you discuss
  • Listening to understand rather than be understood – how to do this mindfully with the aim of valuing the other person
  • The core of great leadership: coaching your team to success by empowering them to discover their own solutions
  • Your role as coach and understanding what works and what doesn’t
  • Why, and how, to use TED invitations to develop your coaching skills
  • Practice coaching and being coached
  • The benefits and steps to providing positive feedback
  • How to prepare, behave and present yourself assertively when giving feedback
  • Practise a proven technique to prepare for important situations
  • Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue
  • Make it safe to talk about almost anything
  • Be persuasive, not abrasive
  • Improve your professional working relationships through your conversations

Online Questionnaire Between Days Two and Three

Discover your top five strengths through a robust on-line questionnaire developed by Gallup, the StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Day Three: Motivation in a High Trust Culture

Day three of the programme is all about understanding and applying a culture of autonomy and job ownership enabling and empowering your team to be the best they can be. A key part of this is learning about your strengths and how they enable you as a leader, as well as giving you a tool to discover the strengths of your people.

  • Working adult to adult - understanding transactional analysis, the effect it has on your relationships and within the workplace
  • Learn the skills to become a multiplier of your people’s talents
  • Who makes the decisions currently and what might you change about this
  • Enable trust and autonomy, within clear guidelines to create true job ownership
  • Be open and transparent in the information you share – what is off limits to staff?
  • Discover the difference between accountability and responsibility
  • Review your delegation habits and understand the key steps to delegating successfully
  • Identify what stops you delegating and challenge these behaviours
  • Pre-approval – what is it, what are the benefits of it and how to implement it?
  • Using your on-line questionnaire results, understand your strengths and how well you are currently using them in your role
  • Discover the 4 domains of leadership strength
  • Review how well you know your team’s strengths and how much they are using them in their roles

Online Questionnaires Between Days Three and Four

  • Complete a second online self-reflection questionnaire around your confidence to lead, and your leadership style now

Day Four: Setting You and Your Team up to Succeed

The last day of the programme is all about recruiting the talent you need then setting them up to be a strong and resilient team. It will provide the space and opportunity to reflect on your leadership journey through this programme and recap what you have learnt and actioned. You will present you key learning and leadership purpose to the group. You will build in this vision to embed the changes and build the habits you want to adopt to transform you and your team.

  • A reflective journey — recap and summary of what has been covered, what you have applied and transformed, and what your challenges are
  • Reflect on your new feedback from your team re your leadership style (based on the on-line questionnaire between day three and four)
  • Discover the key to recruiting the right team members and ensuring their induction is a motivating experience
  • The three resilience energies – physical, mental and emotional and how we can harness these to support our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others
  • Build and nurture the resilience of your team
  • A reflective journey – recap and summary of what has been covered, what you have applied and transformed, and what your challenges are
  • Identify what you might adapt so it works for you, your team and your organisation
  • Understand the process of building sustainable habits and changing behaviours long term, to embed the learning and create real action
  • Identify your leadership purpose and vision for yourself and your team
  • Draw up a personal, practical action plan beyond the programme

Our Approach to Programme Delivery

Every programme is designed to ensure complete individual involvement and participation, it will stimulate your thinking and challenge you. The key focus is on practical skills and real outcomes throughout. The content will involve an innovative and engaging blend of activities so that you can directly apply it to your current performance and your future success.

The four days are spread over four months to ensure it has a real impact and you get the chance to embed what you learn. The first three events will each be four weeks apart with the final workshop day three months later. It will include pre-course work, and action in-between the days.

Happy Workplace Programme Testimonials

Why choose the Happy Workplace Leadership Programme?

  • Discover and fulfil your potential
  • Enable work cultures based on trust and freedom
  • Learn best practice from the truly great workplaces
  • Be involved, engaged and challenged
  • Learn practical skills to apply straight away

Group Learning Events

If you have five or more learners, a private group event could be cheaper.

We can tailor the content to your team, and host the workshop online, inhouse at your workplace or here at Happy's HQ in Aldgate, Central London.

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In this short video, take a look at some of the ways that we create interactive, engaging experiences online using Zoom.

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Why choose Happy?

  • Award-winning learner-focused approach
  • Small class sizes to give personal one-to-one support
  • Two years of free support after your course
  • Private group options available
  • No quibble money-back guarantee on all courses

The Small Print

All learners will need to install Zoom on their machines. Full technical requirements are on the Zoom website. Your link will be included in your joining instructions once you have booked your place — if you haven't received this email then please contact our team.

Learners should log into the training session 10 minutes before the start time, to ensure that they have downloaded and set up Zoom correctly. The course will start precisely on time and it may not be possible to go back over material missed by late arrivals.

Your active participation is expected: everyone will be heard and seen throughout, just as they would be if we were in a room together. To be heard, hear and seen you will need a microphone, speakers and camera — if you have a modern laptop that’s all you will need. Remember, you’ll need a quiet place to call from and a decent internet connection is a must.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before booking for our payment terms and cancellation policy.

The happy Guarantee

We want everyone to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, practical skills that they can use straight away when they go back to work.

If you don’t feel that your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, just get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days of the course. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to help you to gain the skills you need, or if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Testimonials from happy Customers

Did you know...

...a simple challenge to normal practice is to spend one meeting only asking questions?

The ability to ask good questions is a central tenet of strong leadership. Putting away your usual directives and reaching out to staff is a great way to summon useful feedback and foster workplace unity.

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