Expert Excel Level 4: Formulae and Functions

In this expert level Excel course, you will be introduced to Basic Formulas, use Statistical and Logical functions, use Lookup and Reference Formulas, add Date and Time Formulas and learn about Efficiency Tips.

Course Overview

What you will learn

In particular you will be able to:

  • Fix formulas using Absolute Cell References ($)
  • Use logical functions, such as COUNTIF to count cells that meet a certain condition
  • Use HLOOKUP function to look up values in the top row of the table
  • Use the CONCATENATE Function to join separate fields, such as FirstName and LastName
  • Calculate the number of days between two dates

Course timetable

Session 1: Formulas and Functions Basics

  • Use Cell References
  • Copy a Formula without changing Cell References
  • Transpose a Formula
  • Copy and Paste Values
  • Quick Calculations

Session 2

  • Nesting Functions
  • Statistical and Logical Functions: COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEA, IF, ISERROR, Nested IF

Session 3: Lookup % Reference Formulas

  • Using INDEX and MATCH to Retrieve Data

Session 4: Text Formulas

  • Change Case of Text
  • Join Text from Multiple Columns
  • Combine Text and Formatted Numbers
  • Convert Imported Text Format into Numbers
  • Break Imported Date Field into Individual Columns
  • Substitute Text
  • Extract a Name Field into Three Columns

Session 5: Date and Time Formulas

  • Add a Number to Current Date to Get New Dates
  • Calculate a Period of Time Between Two dates
  • Perform Calculation with Time Fields

Session 6: Array and Database Functions

  • Array Formulas
  • Calculate the Difference Between MAX and MIN Values in an Array
  • Find Value in List
  • Use Frequency Function to Count Responses
  • Analyse Data in a Database

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Expert Level 4 Excel 2007-2013 Formulae and Functions
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