2017 Beyond Budgeting Conference

At Beyond Budgeting 2017, the third conference run in partnership between Happy and the Beyond Budgeting Institute, we welcomed seven speakers from a variety of commercial backgrounds: Bjarte Bogsnes, Anders Oleson, Mira Gvozdenovic, Henry Stewart, John Seddon, and Kevin McCoy and Chris Hannay of Next Jump.

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Speakers include Mira Gvozdenovic, formerly of Coloplast, on Beyond Budgeting; Paul Gapper of Happy, on mindfullness; Chris Hannay and Kevin McCoy of Next Jump, on changing a workplace into a great place to work; Bjarte Bogsnes of Statoil, on transcending targets, and John Seddon of Vanguard Consulting on efficient, considerate ways to lower costs.

Through this page you can find clips from the speakers at the conference. 

Freedom, Purpose and Values

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Driving Performance and Reaching Higher Ambitions at Coloplast

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Beyond Budgeting: A New Management Philosophy for Your Organisation

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Happy Workplaces Save Lives

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The Problem With Annual Budgets

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Evergreen Targets and Why Your Business Should Use Them

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If You Manage Costs, Your Costs Will Go Up

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Do You Recognise These Problems in Your Organisation?

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The Paradox Around Innovation in Business

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Next Conference: 2024 Happy Workplaces Conference

Our Happy Workplaces Conference is our biggest event of the year, and we'd love for you to join us on Wednesday 15th May.

This will be a hybrid event — we will host up to 50 people in the venue at Happy's HQ in Aldgate, London, and up to 200 people online via Zoom. The speakers will be a mix of online and in person. However you choose to join, there will be interaction, discussion, space for reflection and opportunities to network with others.

This year's event is CPD accredited, and speakers include Isaac Getz, Michele Zanini, Caron Bradshaw OBE and Michelle Hill.

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The Happy Conference Methodology

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