@Mentions: Make Collaborating via Email Fast and Easy

In: BlogDate: Sep 18, 2017By: Sal Agoro

Focus on what matters by using the @Mentions feature, first introduction in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and available in Outlook 2019 and 365.

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How do you get someone’s attention? Today, we are being drowned with a lot more email messages competing for our attention in our inbox. Focus on what matters most using this cool tool – @Mentions. It quickly alerts you and other team members to action tasks through email.

How do you use @Mentions?

  1. Create a new email
  2. Type the @ symbol anywhere in the body of your email (email list appears- Wow!)
  3. Type the person’s name
  4. Select the who you want to address from the email list that pops up
  5. Click send

The @symbol appears on the message list for emails in which you’ve been mentioned, like this:



The person’s name you address becomes highlighted in the message in blue. This helps them know they are being asked to action tasks through email, like this:


Benefits of using @Mentions

  • Helps focus on what needs your attention.
  • Before an email is opened you can see at a glance which email requires your action.
  • Outlook has added a filter to enable you sort by only messages you’ve been mentioned in.
  • Your highlighted name in blue allows you quickly see where exactly your attention is needed in the body of the email.
  • If the person isn’t part of the email conversation already, they will automatically be added so they receive a copy of your email.
  • The preview text is updated. You’ll no longer see a preview of the first few words of the email. Instead, Outlook shows a preview of the text immediately following your mention.

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