Happy Workplaces: The Evidence For Improved Performance

In: BlogDate: Mar 11, 2015By: Adrian Trenholm

Creating a great place to work is strongly correlated with better financial performance.

Several speakers at Happy Workplaces Conference discussed this topic.

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'In God we trust; all others bring data' - W. Edwards Deming

If your Finance Director is a fan of W. Edwards Deming and demands to see the evidence for improved performance from happy workplaces, why not show him or her this 90 second video of Henry Stewart at Happy Workplaces 2014:

Measurable performance improvement is not just financial

Measurable performance improvement is not just financial, nor is it the sole preserve of the private sector. Here’s Kingston NHS Trust Chief Executive, Kate Grimes, on the difference staff engagement makes to patient outcomes:

To borrow from Kate, nearly every measure of performance is improved if you create a happy workplace where staff are fully engaged. So, if you want to improve results, financial or otherwise, then one of the key things to focus on is making sure your people are happy and engaged at work.

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