eLearning: Six Benefits for your Organisation

In: BlogDate: May 16, 2016By: Claire Lickman

eLearning has transformed learning and development over the last few years. And with all the eLearning tools now available, it doesn’t just consist of reading a few PowerPoint slides and watching a video.

Here are six benefits of eLearning for your organisation:

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1. Cost-effective

Once your eLearning programme has been created, there are cost savings on trainers, learning materials, and transport. If you need to update your programme at a later date, you can do this quickly and easily. The improved productivity resulting from your training also reduces company costs.

2. Accessible

Learners can adjust their training around their schedule, whenever suits them, and at their own pace. Learners may also be able to complete the training faster than in a classroom, as they can skip the areas they already know.

3. Consistency

All learners will receive the same training – so you know that everyone in your organisation will be up to the same standard and have the same information. And nothing can be missed out by the trainer by mistake. eLearning allows you to reinforce your organisation’s brand and values.

4. Improved knowledge retention

Studies have shown that eLearning can be a more effective way of learning, as it makes it easy to learn and digest new information. Gamification in particular (adding games, quizzes and activities) to eLearning has particularly shown to give positive results – as well as making learning fun.

5. Measurable

If you use a learning management system to deliver eLearning, you can track the progress of your learners and easily report back to their manager about how they are getting on.

6. Proven results

eLearning can increase a company’s ROI and helps organisations to retain their talent. The emerging workforce wants to continually learn and improve their skills, and eLearning allows them to do this – learning about a variety of subjects, not just those related to work. This gives staff a high sense of loyalty and accomplishment in the workplace and improves employee retention.

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Claire Lickman

Claire is Head of Marketing at Happy. She has worked at Happy since 2016, and is responsible for Happy's marketing strategy, website, social media and more. Claire first heard about Happy in 2012 when she attended a mix of IT and personal development courses. These courses were life-changing and she has been a fan of Happy ever since. She has a personal blog at lecari.co.uk.

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