Five Reasons to Try Live Online Interactive Learning Solutions

In: BlogDate: Jul 31, 2017By: Darren Andrews

I’m sure we all know how important it is to invest in training and developing your people. Without regular investment, you’ll not be realising maximum value from your most expensive asset. It also goes without saying that in these times of austerity and challenge, training budgets are coming under ever more pressure.
So how do you ensure your people get involving, meaningful and work-relevant training that you can afford?

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Many are turning to online solutions. These can prove useful for sharing facts and information but many rely on the participant simply reading the material and then answering a series of multiple choice questions, often allowing as many attempts as necessary until the person has “passed.”

When learning a skill such as using IT effectively, elements of involvement, experimentation and questioning remain vital. Our classroom courses are highly involving courses when delegates are “doing” and we need to capture that principle of involvement with any alternative to the traditional classroom.

Happy’s Live Online Interactive Learning combines the cost effectiveness of online training but retains the key to effective learning: involvement.

What is Live Online Interactive Learning?

Live Online Interactive Learning is an online seminar or webinar. Learners log in to the software such as Skype on their own machine and can be anywhere – at their desk, or at home. The trainer then guides the learners through the material, encouraging participation and interaction.

Each session is 90-minutes long and has up to 10 learners per session. This ensures that your trainer can give full one-to-one support where necessary – just as we would in the classroom. Each session focuses on a key area, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

We have a range of available sessions covering Excel, Word and Office 365 – or we can create a bespoke session just for you.

Here are five reasons to try Happy’s Live Online Interactive Learning solutions:

  1. A live session led by an experienced Happy trainer – not a video or a recording of a session. This ensures the trainer can challenge and be challenged by delegates, check understanding answer questions, offer quizzes and activities to support learning. Maintaining this high level of involvement ensures effective learning.
  2. Delegates are provided with demonstration and exercise files for them to use if desired, just like in the classroom.
  3. No software download required to join – you can use Skype for Business or GoTo Training to join in.
  4. No need to release people for a whole day. Standard sessions are just 90-minutes long and can be done at your desk or at home. Cherry pick individual sessions or learn a whole package over a number of weeks or months.
  5. Need something bespoke? We can design and deliver bespoke programmes just to your requirements whether it be an exotic Excel function that few others use or based on your specialist software.

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Darren Andrews

Darren is one of Happy's Senior Trainers, able to train almost every IT course on our course programme. He worked for Happy for 12 years and has been an Associate Trainer since 2018.

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