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In: BlogDate: May 21, 2013By: Cathy Busani

I was recently facilitating day two of a Leadership and Management programme for a group of managers and one of the things that struck me was how much they had learnt and remembered from day one!

What was also impressive was just how much they had actioned back in the workplace before coming back for day two.

Their recap posters summed up some of their key learning’s but my top 3 favourites are as follows:

  • You can’t motivate anyone if you aren’t motivated yourself – remember to demonstrate positive energy.



  • If you want your people to enjoy their 1 to 1’s with you and feel a real benefit for having them as a result – let them set the agenda and decide the frequency.  It’s their meeting after all!



  • Give your people trust and ownership of their work through clear targets, then celebrate their successes and review their learning opportunities from what can be improved.


What could you be doing more of around these three steps to become a best practice manager?

If your staff were to score you out of 10 on these steps, which would be your lowest score and why? What could you do about this?

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Cathy Busani

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