Achieve your goals with Happy in 2017

What are your goals for 2017?

We want to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions in 2017, and we have been really interested to see your responses to our January competition so far.

Many of the answers have been around Time Management, Stress Management, Assertiveness, and being a better manager – and all of these are covered in our Personal Development programme.

I want to… learn effective time management

Do you often find that you are busy, but not productive?

In our one-day Effective Time Management workshop, you will learn the importance of planning, organising and goal setting, as well as how to manage your day-to-day activities and competing demands. Plus, you will learn what time management techniques are possible in your own situation. This is a must for anyone who is feeling a little overwhelmed after the festive break!

I want to… learn how to be more assertive

Do you find it hard to stand up for yourself? Or do you come across as being aggressive when expressing your opinions?

Assertiveness is about being self-confident and expressing your views, while still acknowledging and respecting other people and their views. In our one day Assertiveness workshop, you will improve your communication skills and your self-confidence. You will reflect on your current behaviour, and learn how to deal with conflict constructively. We offer both a women-only Assertiveness workshop and a Mixed Gender workshop.

I want to… be a better leader and manager

Good leaders and managers encourage, develop and motivate others – allowing them to solve their own problems to become more successful. But how do you coach someone?

Our Effective Coaching Skills for Leaders workshop is taken from our four-day Happy Workplace Programme. You will learn how to use coaching questions to identify deeper issues, nurture an individual’s ability to solve issues, and the importance of what is not being said.

Win a 1 day course and Happy gift bag

Finally, there is still time to enter our January competition. You could win a one-day course at Happy, a 100 day Happiness Planner, Your Brain at Work by Brian Rock, the Happiness Manifesto in paperback, and a Happy stationery kit with a notebook, tote bag, pen, and 2017 Cultural Planner.


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