The Happy Manifesto: Download it for Free

[do_widget text Update: The Happy Manifesto shortlisted for CMI award. And now you can get 25% off!]

To download a copy of The Happy Manifesto, Henry Stewart’s call for happy workplaces, click through here.

The book has been widely praised and several dozen organisations have started to put the ideas into practice. Here’s feedback from one local company:

“’The Happy Manifesto’ has energized me and my business to make changes that have increased our bottom line and made people more successful and fulfilled at work.  I used to be a busy Managing Director of 30 people,  in the last 9 months I have increased my work force to 50 people and I am less busy – fantastic!.  I carry The Happy Manifesto with me every day to work, it inspires me and challenges my ways of working.  Thanks Henry!”

Simon Perriton, Chief Executive, Just-IT

3 responses to “The Happy Manifesto: Download it for Free”

  1. Could you sign me up please and provide access to the free pdfs pelase

    1. Hi Tony, I have just emailed you a copy of The Happy Manifesto. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Kind regards from Happy

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