The Final Version of The Happy Manifesto is Now Available

For the last few months, our CEO Henry Stewart has been working on The Happy Manifesto.

With it, we aim to clearly convey the key principles we believe makes Happy a great place to work – and you can apply them to your own workplace. It is an open and loud call for a change in the way we view management.

We’d like to thank everyone who has given us feedback on the drafts up until now. We’re very proud of the final product, and hope you will find it thought provoking and challenging.

The Happy Manifesto will soon be available in paperback (more details to follow). However, you can read more and download your free copy on the dedicated Happy Manifesto website.

How To Print

If you’d like to print the PDF version, you should be aware that the document is set to A5. You’ll need to make sure your printing settings are correct – so you get two pages per side of A4.

The actual settings will depend on your own printing software and set up. But as a general guide, you might find this helpful.

Firstly, make sure you print ‘multiple pages per sheet’ – and that you choose 2 pages per page (see below).

Settings to Print the Happy Manifesto

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re printing in landscape. Most of the time you can set this by selecting ‘properties’ (see above – top right).

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