Beat Email Overload With Our New Outlook Course

New Course: Beating Email Overload in Outlook

What do you hate about email? Don’t get me started!

I bet you could get quite animated on the subject. Ask people what bugs them about email, as we often do on our courses, and the list is fairly extensive. The main complaint is the sheer volume of email received. You can spend all day taming your mailbox only to find it’s full again in no time. Pointless emails, poor email etiquette, using email when another mode of communication would be more appropriate, emails entitled simply “hello”, not being able to find anything. More than anything, feeling out of control, not quite sure if you’ve missed anything or not.

How to fix it? Well, people usually tell us they find that more tricky. However, at Happy we believe a few simple (but radical) changes can make a huge difference to how you – and your team – work with email.

Our new half-day course, Beating Email Overload with Outlook (and Skype for Business) will help you manage emails better in four ways:

  1. Tools to better manage the email that’s already sitting in your mailbox
  2. Radical approaches to email that will make you productive, not just busy – like 321zero
  3. Good email practice – better ways of using email so you and your team are making things easier for each other
  4. Alternative ways of communicating, using IM or calls to lighten the email load

Come and spend half a day with us and return to the office with a fresh approach that will free up time for the big things you want to achieve. It will also leave you with technical skills to deal with those emails more efficiently – so you feel in control.

Who knows, you might even start to love email!

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