Last Minute Offers on LVSC Courses at Happy

50% off LVSC Courses – Assertiveness for Women and Writing Reports Effectively


We have 2 great last minute offers on LVSC courses here at Happy both with a massive 50% discount.  To book call us on 020 7375 7300.

Do you write reports?  Starting with the basics of report writing, including structure, presentation and organisation.  You will look at the process and understand the function of reports.  You will learn how to analyse and improve your own style, at collecting and organising material, summarising and statistics, deadlines and budgets.  This course is for anyone who wants to improve the readibility and effectivielness of their reports.

Writing Reports Effectively 2 days 25 & 26 Feb *£90

Do you want to be more assertive? This one day course for women only looks at current behaviour patterns and situations where people are experienc­ing difficulty.  With practical lessons in dealing with conflict constructively, techniques of assertive communication, assertive body language and communicating more effectively.  This course is practical and empowering helping to improve both your professional and personal relationships.

Assertiveness for Women 1 day 4 Mar *£48

LVSC courses are delivered by Happy People – the personal development division of Happy Ltd. For more information LVSC on the Happy Website >>>

Please note: there is no VAT charged on LVSC courses.

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