Happy Workplace CEO and Senior Leadership Programme

Are you looking to create a culture of joy at work, where your people are motivated and engaged, where accountability is high and stress is low?

A happy workplace leads to greater productivity and tangible business results. Our Senior Leadership Programme is about placing people at the heart of what you and your managers do. It is a unique opportunity to self-reflect, change behaviour and create a positive culture that embeds these practices into your organisation. You will be learning alongside other senior leaders and hearing about their experiences of leadership.

Organisational change starts at the top. If you are serious about creating a great workplace, senior leaders need to role model the key ideas that your leaders will be learning on the inspirational leadership programme. Your people need to see tangible actions to show you truly value the ideas and are implementing them.

With this in mind, our senior leadership programmes cover all the same topics as our standard Happy Leadership Programme but from a more strategic context. Instead of thinking only about your impact on immediate colleagues you will be focusing on how you build a vision and culture that allows your people to flourish and your workplace to thrive. Your fellow participants will also be senior leaders, therefore inevitably discussions turn more to weighty decisions and their wider impact.

In addition, participating in the programme as a senior leadership team can really enhance the working relationships you have, sharing in a development experience, having a common language around leadership and keeping you focused leading the organisation forward together.

This is a unique opportunity to self-reflect, change behaviours and create a positive culture at your organisation.

We can run these sessions specifically for your senior team and focus on the key challenges that you face – please get in touch for more details.

Our Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme

You may also want to consider our Level 7 Senior Leadership programme. This programme is practical and hands-on, and has been designed for senior leaders like you who want to make a real cultural change in your workplace.

This is a Level 7 qualification (the equivalent of a postgraduate degree or MBA). But you do not need a degree to join the programme, and the focus is on implementing ideas and on-the-job learning.

As it is an apprenticeship programme, it can be fully funded by your organisation's Apprenticeship Levy, or for those not paying the Levy, the cost is just £700.

Our next public programme will start in September 2024, with workshops being held remotely through Zoom. Please contact our friendly team for more details about enrolment and for the full list of dates for these sessions.

What's it like to learn with Happy?

Be involved, engaged and challenged in our leadership programmes. In this video, Happy's Managing Director, Cathy Busani, delivers a session on Google’s Project Oxygen and the qualities of a great manager.

Group Learning Events

Looking for a private group event for your team, or even your whole organisation?

We can organise a date that works for you, and we can tailor the content to your team. Our private workshops can be held online, inhouse at your workplace or here at Happy's HQ in Aldgate, Central London (following current government guidelines).

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