How to Create Better Pie Charts in Excel

Learn how to create a pie chart that looks great while displaying your data in a clear way in this two-minute productivity video.

Pie charts can be a great way to show your data in a clearer way, making it easier to get across the message you want to communicate. They can also be modified to look stylish using a few simple tips, such as combining certain elements and using the Design tools. Find out how in this two-minute video above.

Want to learn more?

We host Excel 2013/2016: Charts in Detail at our HQ in central London, which will help you to identify what type of chart will best communicate your message, how to add, remove and edit parts of your charts for maximum clarity - and then how to add them to an Excel Dashboard for a clear overview of your data.

If you’d like training at your workplace or have three or more learners, please contact us for availability and prices.

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