Happy's upcoming conferences: February and March 2017

Happy’s upcoming conferences: February and March 2017

We have an exciting programme of events coming up over the next few months!

Beyond Budgeting

First up is Beyond Budgeting 2017 on 6th February 2017, with an optional workshop on 7th February, hosted at Happy’s training centre in Aldgate. This conference is the third event co-hosted by the Beyond Budgeting Institute and Happy, and is all about transforming traditional management systems. You will learn how to remove bureaucracy and get rid of suffocating control systems, and how to trust staff with information and giving them time to think, reflect, share, learn and improve.

Speakers include Anders Olesen (Director of the Beyond Budgeting Institute), Bjarte Bogsnes (VP Performance Management Development, Statoil, and Chairman, Beyond Budgeting Institute), Denise Hudson Lawson (Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Pluralsight) and Kevin McCoy (Managing Director, NextJump).

While in day one you will hear case studies and practical examples from organisations who have tried, tested, and implemented these ideas, in the second day, our interactive workshop will give you the tools to do it yourself. Henry Stewart (CEO of Happy) and Anders Olesen will answer all of your questions about how to get started, convince others, and start your journey Beyond Budgeting.

Find out more about Beyond Budgeting

Creating Happy Workplaces in the Public Sector

Next, on 22nd February, we have organised Creating Happy Workplaces in the Public Sector. This one day conference will be hosted by the National Audit Office in Buckingham Palace Road.

At this event, you will find out how change is coming to the public sector – and learn how to create this culture in your organisation. With speakers from the National Audit Office, GCHQ, Government Digital Service and Monmouthshire County Council, you will learn how to implement ideas such as “freedom within a framework,” how to help your staff to work to their strengths, and create workplaces based on trust to lead to better service for the public.

Find out more about Creating Happy Workplaces in the Public Sector

Creating Happier Workplaces in Health

And finally, we will be hosting Creating Happier Workplaces in Health in partnership with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management on 1st March 2017.

Designed for health professionals, you will understand how to build your employees’ and your own personal esteem and support self-actualisation to increase satisfaction at work. You will learn how to create a positive working culture, increase performance and create better patient outcomes.

You will hear from healthcare organisations that have used techniques to increase the happiness within their workforce and therefore increase the value of the organisations’ work, including Mr Peter Lees (Chief Executive and Medical Director, FMLM), Dr Natalie Silvey (National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow at NHS England) and Val Frost and Denise Thiruchelvam of First Community Health in Surrey.

Find out more about Creating Happier Workplaces in Health

We look forward to seeing you at this range of events – and if you’re not able to make it, we have more to come later on in the year!

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