Happy Manifesto: Choose the Cover

[do_widget text Update: The Happy Manifesto shortlisted for CMI award. And now you can get 25% off!]

We are about to print the Happy Manifesto (which can be downloaded here) and it is time to choose the cover. I’d love your feedback. Which do you prefer:

a) Yellow: Bright yellow cover (below), text based
b) Sun: A sun coming out from clouds (below)

Do post your choice as a comment below or tweet me at @happyhenry

Thanks, Henry



9 responses to “Happy Manifesto: Choose the Cover”

  1. In terms of personal choice, I like the Blue background.
    However, the yellow one looks more like some of the business titles I see on the bookshelves, so it may stand out more… and sell more?

  2. The blue one looks best

  3. Not the blue one, though everything sits approprtiately… it’s the Lobbyists favourite colour! See you Friday at Julian’s LBS dfo DC

  4. Also had 4 votes on Twitter for Yellow and 8 for Blue. So overall so far its:

    Blue: 10
    Yellow: 7

  5. Blue one, although I’d alter the cloud, either take it away, or make it smaller/lower/whiter 🙂

  6. And, after an email to those who had downloaded the manual, the vote is now:

    Blue 32
    Yellow 20

    Though I will probably get the cloud removed, as some people have pointed out it detracted from the message.

    Thanks to everybody for your responses.

  7. In this context only, I vote blue!

    I’m not sure about removing the cloud – there’s something appropriate about the fact that the sun is emerging from behind it. You know, a fresh approach to business to brighten things up after decades of dull and cloudy management weather. But it would be really good to see a version without the cloud and compare the two.

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