New Excel course - Excel Pivot Tables: From Data to Dashboard

Brand New Excel course: Excel Pivot Tables

At Happy, we love Excel. No really, we do! It’s immensely powerful, full of fantastic features and can produce beautiful results. But we love it most when it’s easy – we don’t think anyone should have to spend days wrestling with Excel. So how is this new course going to change all that?

We all have data, lots of data, but how much information does that result in? Probably very little.

To turn this data into information and display it in a meaningful way to others can seem daunting. We all know that Excel can do this for you, but how? We’ve heard that a Pivot Table will help, but how? You may have tried this and found that a day has gone past with little useful to show for it.

Introducing Excel Pivot Tables: From Data to Dashboard – a brand new one-day intensive course that’s designed to change all that.

If you have the stamina for a long day at high speed, we will share with you how Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts can help you to find the information in your data and share it. You’ll learn how to display data in clear tables and charts, and how to create interactive tools to help users find the information that’s important to them.

You will leave this course being able to take on enormous amounts of data and start turning it into manageable summaries with confidence and efficiency.

Excel Pivot Tables: From Data to Dashboard takes place on 26th July at Happy’s training centre in Aldgate. Book now – just 8 places available!

Find out more and book your place

This brand new course is currently due to take place at Happy’s training centre on 26th July with our Senior IT Trainer, Ed. It’s also available from July as a private group course, which can be held at your workplace or hosted at Happy.

Not what you need? Take a look at our full range of Excel courses – or get in touch if you need help deciding which course is suitable for you.

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