Building Career Resilience in the Age of AI

In: BlogDate: Mar 05, 2024By: Claire Lickman

Remember when "artificial intelligence" was only in the realm of science fiction? We are now living in that future. AI is no longer simply conceptual; it's woven into the fabric of our professional lives, transforming how work gets done across almost every industry.

While some may fear AI replacing jobs, the reality is far more nuanced. The key is to develop the skills to use AI effectively or else risk being displaced by those who do. Learning to properly prompt AI systems will soon become an essential competency for professionals in almost every sector.

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Are you creating or being carried by the winds of change?

AI probably isn't here to swallow up your job (unless, maybe, the job you're doing is less complex than you are actually capable of). AI can amplify your skills and boost your potential. AI allows us to augment human strengths and transcend limitations. The question is: who will steer this transformation?

Passively awaiting disruption leaves professionals vulnerable. But gaining AI skills proactively equips us to harness change. Just as past workplace revolutions required new competencies like computer literacy, today's landscape demands AI fluency. Know-how in areas like prompt engineering will distinguish those ready to thrive in this new world.

The best way to learn how to use AI

For many professionals, AI seems opaque, intimidating, and possibly unethical. Terminology like machine learning and neural networks evoke images of complex math. The inner workings of Large Language Models (what even is that!?) like ChatGPT seem impenetrable. Without a basic conceptual grasp, effectively deploying AI appears impossible.

On top of that, emotionally charged (and often incredibly unnuanced) rants online make us question whether this is truly a good or bad thing.

Demystifying AI through education is therefore crucial for our future. Learning the fundamental capabilities of new technologies builds understanding. Hands-on practice alongside peers fosters confidence in engaging with tools like ChatGPT, Bing Image Creator, and Bard. Discussions and engagement with those peers can help us unearth the reality of the ethics behind this technology.

A little knowledge and a lot of play goes a long way towards replacing tech anxiety with readiness to interact skilfully.

What could be possible?


  • Senior Executives could harness larger sets of real-time data to make better decisions, identify areas for potential growth, and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Fundraisers could develop reports in record time with consistent style and engaging structure to showcase their organisation’s work and mission more clearly.
  • HR managers could streamline and improve recruitment with assisted interview question design, unbiased CV screening, and personalised candidate outreach.
  • Administrators and Project Managers could release repetitive (boring) tasks and give themselves freedom and headspace to design and manage more complex workflows.
  • Marketers could get past creative blocks and generate powerful and nuanced content faster than ever before, while also analysing customer feedback and processing performance data at speed.
  • L&D Managers could personalise learning, identify skill gaps from employee data, and even forecast the skills of the future that need developing in their industry.

The possibilities are astronomical for how this technology can be applied to transform the workplace for the better. However, equally, the potential for it to be used manipulatively and in poor faith also exists.

To harness the potential of AI tools for positive effect, learning the art of prompt engineering will be required by professionals who value happiness at work.

Continuous learning for continuous evolution

To maximize opportunities in this landscape, professionals must become active agents rather than passive bystanders. The next level of Continuous Professional Development across almost every sector is to understand industry-specific use of AI, so you can guide it’s development within your niche instead of being disrupted by it.

Communities of continuous learning allow professionals to keep pace with AI’s relentless progress. That’s why learning how to use this technology alongside other professionals is the ideal way to ensure that you’re equipped to fully participate in this AI revolution.

Organisations will increasingly be seeking prompt-savvy professionals who are able to unlock AI’s potential across functions, and who can be quick to pick up and take advantage of new developments. Will you watch passively from the sidelines, or will you be an innovator and guardian of your industry in an AI-driven world?

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If you’ve dabbled a bit and want to unlock greater potential: Our Art of AI Prompt Engineering course is designed to offer a collaborative approach to developing your prompting skills. Discover tools and techniques to refine your craft and perhaps even become a true AI whisperer. Join us next on 14th May.

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If you’re just starting your AI journey: We have created a beginner-friendly course designed to guide you through the fundamentals of AI and equip you with the essential skills to navigate this exciting new world.

If you’ve dabbled a bit and want to unlock greater potential: Our Art of AI Prompt Engineering course is designed to offer a collaborative approach to developing your prompting skills. Discover tools and techniques to refine your craft and perhaps even become a true AI whisperer.

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