Beyond Search: The Need for Content Curation

We all love Google and, for some things, it makes information really easy to find. If we want to know the dates of the civil war, the population of Poland or what 3 pounds weight is in kilos then it will deliver. Often it leads to Wikipedia which, for all its critics, has organised much of the information we need pretty well.

But say you want to find out how to run an appraisal, do a great presentation or write a business plan. Use Google and you will get thousands of links, but the ones at the top are generally trying to sell you stuff, whether courses or resources. The web is full of free learning resources but they can be hard to find. As Charles Jennings put it today at Online Educa Berlin, one role of learning professionals now is content curation. To help people learn, we need to help them find the good stuff easily.

We need a web site to help find, organise and share learning resources. And that is what we are trying to build at Learnfizz. Add great links that you find, and use the Mix facility to organise and group them. The aim is to build the best guide to great free learning on the web, all curated by real people. Here’s a great example Mix that Julie Wedgwood created for her talk on content curation at the Berlin conference.

Store & Share Great Links for Learning

At the Learning & Performance Institute conference in September I asked people if they had links to all their favourite learning resources stored in one place. About half said yes. I then asked if they could easily share it. Although there are some tools to do this, none said Yes. Generally the links were stored in Favourites on their PC. The idea of the Learnfizz Mix is that you can group a set of links together and share them with your colleagues. Here’s one I created on Great Presentations.

Do come and try it. Register for Learnfizz and help us build the best guide to great free learning content. The idea is that it will always be free to use. So – whether you are a learning professional in a big corporate, an inner city teacher or a child in Africa – Learnfizz will help you find great learning.

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