Beyond Budgeting: From Command and Control to Empower and Adapt

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Are you ready to bin your budgets, trash your targets, and unleash the real power of your people?

The evidence is clear – a more engaged workforce is a higher performing workforce. But are traditional management and governance tools stifling your efforts towards engagement? We invite you to join us in London, on 3 November, at Beyond Budgeting: Engagement and Performance Without Targets and Budgets, the latest conference from Happy People, in partnership with the Beyond Budgeting Institute (BBRT). and / or on 4 November for for the Beyond Budgeting Masterclass, led by Anders Olesen from BBRT.

Get ready to sweep away outdated “command and control” methods and begin your journey towards a leaner, more adaptive, more resilient organisation.

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Conference – 3 November 2015

What’s on the Agenda?

Building on our previous Beyond Budgeting event, this new conference digs deep into what it takes to roll out Beyond Budgeting at your organisation. Suitable for new and returning delegates, the agenda will include:

– What is Beyond Budgeting? Where is it in use? What are the advantages over traditional targets and budgets?
– Selling the idea internally and externally: how to talk about Beyond Budgeting; convincing your stakeholders
– Implementing Beyond Budgeting: change management, timing, team, tools and obstacles
– The role of other management models, eg Systems Thinking and The Happy Manifesto 
– Case studies of Beyond Budgeting rolls outs: what are the results?

Speakers include:

– Andrew Copsey, Handelsbanken
– Jesper Krüger, Maersk
– Ulrich Gammelgaard, Velux
– John Seddon, Vanguard Consulting
– Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School
– Anders Olesesn, BBRT
– Henry Stewart, CEO, Happy 

The conference day runs from 10:00 to 17:00 with registration from 09:00. Bjarte Bogsnes will be facilitating discussions between sessions.

Tap into the Beyond Budgeting network

The Beyond Budgeting Institute is an international network and research collaborative which helps organisations achieve sustained high performance by transforming management. Originating in Scandinavia, but now growing globally, BBRT boasts member organisations including global giants such as Statoil and Maersk, highly regulated corporations such as Svenska Handelsbanken and global non-profits such as the UN.

Who should attend?

Beyond Budgeting: Engagement and Performance Without Targets and Budgets is designed for new and returning delegates in both private and public sector organisations.

– You are an executive or manager of a large or mid-sized organization
– You work in general management, finance or HR
– You understand the benefits of an open, collaborative culture
– You care more about sustainable performance than next quarter’s profits
– You feel stifled by traditional budgets, targets and regulations 

Feedback from our Happy Workplaces conference

Usually at conferences I come away with 2 or 3 good ideas. Yesterday at Happy Workplaces I had 4 pages worth. Brilliantly done.

— Paul Boot

Best conference I have ever been to 🙂

— Natalie Morel

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Masterclass – 4 November 2015

Learn how to develop and implement management models that lead to lean, adaptive and ethical enterprises that can sustain superior competitive performance. Led by BBRT’s Ander’s Olesesn, and based on case stories, this course will equip you with methods and tools for the practical implementation implementation of Beyond Budgeting


Beyond Budgeting in Practice – Masterclass Part I

  • How to achieve sustained high performance, also under turbulent conditions
  • Developing new management models to enhance empowerment and agile
  • The case for change – what is the problem
  • A new perspective on Performance Management
  • The Beyond Budgeting principles in practice
    • Leadership
    • Processes

Beyond Budgeting in Practice – Masterclass Part II

  • Solving inherent budget conflicts
    • Target setting
    • Forecasting
    • Resource allocation
  • Strategy alignment
  • Performance evaluation
  • A new look on individual bonuses
  • Implementation advice

Beyond Budgeting in Practice – Masterclass Part III

Mini case studies. Practical examples of Beyond Budgeting in action. Each case will address these issues:

  • Background for change
  • Solution
  • Implementation
  • Benefits. The following companies are reviewed:
    • Coloplast
    • The Maersk Group
    • Handelsbanken
  • The international Beyond Budgeting network
    • Activities
    • Membership and benefits
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So, are you ready to bin your budgets, trash your targets, and unleash the real power of your people? Beyond Budgeting: Engagement and Performance Without Targets and Budgets takes place on 3 November 2015 and the Beyond Budgeting Masterclass on 4 November 2015. Book you place now. Simply choose which days you will attend and click the green Book Now button at the top of the page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Happy on +44 (0)20 7375 7300.

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