Software Roll-Outs

Whether in SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle or your own bespoke software, Happy provides a full service to create the course and deliver the training for your people. Our focus is on understanding the learner’s needs and fitting the course to those needs.

We create courses that help them in their job, rather than simply training how the software works…


The Process

  1. Client awareness: Before we start developing the course we spend time, even just a couple of days, with your people understanding their work and their needs.
  2. Agree objectives: Crucially the software is a tool, not the aim. We start with what the business wants to achieve and then look at how to train the software to achieve that aim.
  3. Learn Software: Once we understand your people, and the business objectives are agreed, we make sure we fully understand the software, and way it has been developed for your organisation.
  4. Develop and test course & courseware: We ensure regular checking and feedback from the client. Pilot courses are run and the feedback used to further refine the course. The result is a comprehensive set of training materials, including either a step-by-step guide or a quick reference guide for learners to take away.
  5. Deliver Train the Trainer: We then train all our trainers in the course, and can also include your staff in the train the trainer. In this case it will include not just how to teach the software, but how to deliver an effective training course.
  6. Full training roll-out: With all trainers skilled up, the courses are rolled out across your organisation. This can be traditional classroom courses, use of e-learning, a blend of both, Live Online Learning or whatever meets your needs – or the different needs of your people.
  7. Support: It can be floor-walking at Go Live or telephone support or workshops and one-to-one Learning Clinics. Our role is to fully support the success of the new system.

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