Public Speaking

Henry Stewart

Henry Stewart, Public Speaker and CEO of Happy Ltd.

Henry Stewart, Public Speaker and CEO of Happy Ltd.

Henry guarantees to make your event lively and make listeners think. His speeches are interactive, full of entertaining anecdotes and designed to fully involve the audience.

His aim is to challenge and entertain you, whilst encouraging you to rethink your attitudes and behaviours. Recently, he has begun to include stand-up comedy in some of his speeches and has performed a full comedy routine at the Comedy Store last year.

Cathy Busani

Cathy Busani, Group Managing DirectorAs Managing Director of Happy Ltd. Cathy is responsible for maintaining the culture of the organisation. Under her leadership, the Financial Times rated Happy as the 2nd best place to work in the UK in its annual 2007 Best Workplaces awards.

From six-person leadership groups to conferences of thousands, Cathy will motivate and inspire any listener into creating their own great workplace.

Nicky Stone


Nicky Stone, Public Speaker and Training Manager for Happy Ltd.

Nicky is the Training Manager at Happy which involves her in all aspects of our business, from monitoring our training quality, to focusing on our customer service and pitching to clients.  She delivers interactive presentations on topics such as customer service, creating a great workplace and creating learner-focused training.

Nicky also regularly facilitates staff away days and events, combining her presenting, training and group management skills to create engaging and productive days.